GtkSharp: Widget Overview

Overview of the Widgets used in GTK#

Widgets without Windows

The following widgets do not have an associated window. If you want to capture events, you’ll have to use the EventBox. For more information, see the section on the EventBox widget.

Gtk.Alignment           Gtk.Arrow          Gtk.Bin
Gtk.Box                 Gtk.Button         Gtk.CheckButton
Gtk.Fixed               Gtk.Image          Gtk.Label
Gtk.MenuItem            Gtk.Notebook       Gtk.Paned
Gtk.RadioButton         Gtk.Range          Gtk.ScrolledWindow
Gtk.Separator           Gtk.Table          Gtk.Toolbar
Gtk.AspectFrame         Gtk.Frame          Gtk.VBox
Gtk.HBox                Gtk.VSeparator     Gtk.HSeparator