Contribute to the Project

Mono is an open source project and the code is available on GitHub. To contribute bug fixes or new features, just fork the repository and send us a pull request!

See the contributing guide for more information and an introduction into the development workflow.

We also regularly participate in Google's Summer of Code so if you're a student this might be a good opportunity for you.

Report Bugs

Whenever you encounter something that doesn't work as it should, we'd love it if you could open an issue on the Mono GitHub repo.

Make sure to include a detailed description of the issue and the steps needed for reproducing it. Attaching a small test case makes this even easier for us.

Get detailed instructions on how to file a good bug report in our bug reporting guide.

Get Help

We have several chat channels on Discord where our developers hang out regularly. See Chat for more information about connecting to our channels.

Feel free to file an issue on GitHub if you want to discuss something, even if it's not a bug.

Stack Overflow is a popular Q&A site where users can ask questions about software development, including Mono. Many Mono contributors and community members actively answer Stack Overflow questions tagged mono, so make sure your questions have the mono tag.