Getting Started

What is Mono?

Find out what Mono is and what it can help you do.

Mono Basics

Make sure Mono is installed correctly by compiling/running Hello World.


Check Mono’s compatibility with Microsoft .NET.

Working with Mono

Mono for the Web

Mono for the Desktop


Apache and Mono
Guide for setting up mod_mono to run on Apache.

Nginx and Mono
Guide for Nginx configuration to run ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC web applications.

Porting ASP.Net Applications
Guide to porting an ASP.Net application to run on Mono. Also see Walk through porting the ASP.NET MVC website.

Writing a WebService
Guide to creating a web service to run on Mono.

Consuming a WebService
How to consume a web service in your application.

Connecting to Databases
How to write code to communicate with various databases.

GUI Toolkits
A list with some of the GUI Toolkits known to run on Mono.

Choosing a GUI Toolkit
There are many GUI toolkits to choose from for Mono, this guide explains the pros and cons of each.

Writing a Gtk# Application
Tutorial that shows how to write a Gtk# application using MonoDevelop and its visual Gtk# designer.

Porting Winforms Applications
Guide to porting a Winforms application to run on Mono.

Debugging Winforms Applications with VS
Guide to setting up the Winforms project in your application solution to enable debugging in Visual Studio.

API Reference
Mono Documentation Library

Portability Guidelines
How to write your application to work on multiple platforms.

Deployment Guidelines
How to package and deploy your application to various platforms.

HowTo Guides
Short, specific guides for various topics.

Detailed guide to using Mono.

Need Help
Some common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Mono in Action

Mono 1.0 was released in June 2004. Since then, Mono has been taken up as the platform of choice for many open-source and commercial projects. See Mono in action: