The following applications were developed with Mono and run on its runtime:


Commercial Applications

  • DekiWiki is an advanced WYSIWYG Wiki system powered by Mono.
  • SplendidCRM Cross platform, CRM system.
  • Plasma Source Code Management system from Codice Software.
  • Slingshot Software Cross platform, ERP Software.
  • Chrome Compiler: a commercial Pascal compiler with many features to take advantage of .NET 2.0 (including generics and many new language features inspired by C# 2.0).
  • dotConnect Data Providers from Devart are enhanced connectivity solutions built over ADO.NET architecture, and a development framework with a number of innovative technologies. dotConnect offers a complete solution for developing database-related applications and web sites, offering providers for Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Electronic Arts’ Sims3.
  • Unity3D. Unity is is a 3D game editor with powerful cross-platform capabilities. Games built with Unity can run on the Mac, Windows, Nintendo’s Wii and Apple’s iPhone/iTouch. Fresh ideas can be mock-upped and tested in a few hours, then developed into commercial grade games using powerful collaboration technology. There are some 500 applications written using Unity and Mono on the iPhone AppStore. For a list of games built with Unity, visit their game list, some of these include:
  • Medsphere OpenVista a cross-platform, real-time, point-of-care, patient-centric information resource for clinicians.
  • Vault, from SourceGear, relies on Mono to run on Unix systems.
  • Virtuoso Universal Server, from OpenLink Software, is a cross-platform hosting environment for Mono/.NET/C#.
  • Völcker used Mono, .NET and C# to re-code its Active Entry software to run on Linux.
  • Winfessor SoapBox Framework Mono Edition enables developers to build .NET-based IM solutions that run on any Mono-supported platform
  • Zamples enables software developers to quickly learn new programming languages and APIs (C# and VB.NET) by playing with live code examples using Mono.
  • GMOVIL is a complete tool to manage common processes for Vodaphone sales points. It includes a Gtk# (shown here) and SWF GUI (Technical details).
  • Novell ZENworks Linux Management and iFolder 3.0 (On Linux and macOS) are built using Mono.
  • DocManager from NBFactory its a document management system.
  • Ice from ZeroC, a middleware stack.
  • SwfDotNet a library to produce flash movies.
  • imeem is a social networking software that uses Mono on its servers and in its Mac clients.
  • PNUnit PNUnit is an extension to the NUnit framework built by CodiceSoftware
  • VistaDB an embeddable database.
  • OpenPGP BlackBox interfaces for managing a PGP infrastructure.
  • Artisteer 2.2 beta a tool to quickly create appealing Web design now is now powered by Mono starting with release 2.2 Beta.

Commercial and Open Source Applications

  • MapGuide’s Maestro an map authoring tool for MapGuide Open Source.
  • Banshee (formely known as Sonance), a great application for music management and playback on Gnome.
  • Beagle is a desktop search tool.
  • F-spot is a convenient photo management program.
  • iFolder 3 is a simple solution to sharing files and folders by using a simple peer-to-peer fashion or Novell’s groupware server products.
  • Mainsoft, an important contributor to Mono, bundles Mono libraries in its Visual Mainwin for J2EE to deploy .NET web applications on J2EE application servers.
  • MonoSim: A cross-platform application that for handling SIM card contacts.

Open Source applications

GUI Applications

  • Appomattox Windows and Linux Desktop GIS software.
  • BareFTP a GUI FTP client built using Gtk#.
  • Last-Exit A gnome-based player for Last.Fm.
  • Autopano-SIFT is a tool for aligning images for panorama creation automatically.
  • Bless is a hex editor for Mono/Gtk#.
  • CDCollect is a CD catalog application.
  • Galaxium is a MSN instant messenger (IM) client.
  • Gib is a tool for generating GNOME icon themes.
  • GLyrics is a lyrics finder.
  • Imendio Blam! is a rss-news aggregator especialy good for reading planet-feeds like Planet Gnome.
  • Keepass is a cross-platform password manager.
  • MindFire is a cross-platform ebook reader designed to facilitate speed reading.
  • MonoDevelop is a port of SharpDevelop to Mono and gtk#. The goal for MonoDevelop is to be an IDE for creating Mono applications.
  • MonoUML is a CASE tool. Aims to be the most advanced CASE tool for mono developers.
  • Muine is a music player with a cool and inovative user interface developed by Jorn Baayen, founder of Rhythmbox.
  • OpenRA is an open-source remake of the Command & Conquer Red Alert game.
  • OpenVPN-Admin is a GUI client for OpenVPN written with Gtk#.
  • SkyNET is a sky chart application.
  • Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform IRC client for advanced users, targeting the GNOME desktop.
  • SQL Sharp for GTK Sharp is a SQL Query editor and database browser for executing SQL statements and scripts. Runs on Mono and GTK#. Works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and ODBC.
  • Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application which uses a wikiwike-like linking system.
  • Gbrainy is a brain teaser game and trainer to have fun and to keep your brain trained.
  • SparkleShare is a collaboration and sharing tool that is designed to keep things simple and to stay out of your way.
  • PDF Mod is a simple application for modifying PDF documents.
  • Pinta is a free, open source drawing/editing program modeled after Paint.NET. Its goal is to provide users with a simple yet powerful way to draw and manipulate images on Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • ChronoJump is a method for measuring, manage and make stats of jump and run time events in sports. It also uses free hardware.
  • SportsTracker An application to track sporting activities.
  • LDAP Administration Tool
  • WorldWind2 for Linux.
  • Sussen security scanner based on the Open Vulnerability Assessment Language
  • Gnome Word of the Day.
  • YaneuraoGameSDK.NET is a set of libraries for SDL-based game development. The dev team also ported LuaInterface to Mono.
  • GComandos: GnomeCommander is a Clone of TotalCommander or WinCommander for GNOME. A complete File System Manager for Linux Platform written with C#, Mono and GTK#.
  • TwitterIrcGateway is a winforms application that works as an IRC gateway for Twitter.
  • gtwitter is a standalone Twitter Gtk# application.
  • MPlayerBuddy is a media bookmarking application designed to keep track of the user’s place when watching videos.
  • LongoMatch is a sports video analysis tool for coaches and sports scientists, to assist them on making games video analysis.

Developer Tools

  • NAnt is a free .NET build tool. For help installing NAnt, see the NAnt Installation guide.
  • Smokey is a open source command line tool used to analyze .NET or Mono assemblies for problems. It’s similar to tools like FxCop and Gendarme. This version of Smokey has 81 rules. Currently Smokey runs on Mono 1.2.5 ( 1.2.4 should also work although it isn’t officially supported).
  • Moonwalker: is a program to automatically detect errors in CIL bytecode programs, i.e. applications written for the .NET platform. The current version of Moonwalker is able to find deadlocks and assertion violations in CIL programs, generated with Mono’s C# compiler.
  • BuildAMation is an open source (BSD 3-clause) build system and project generator that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS, using Mono on the latter two platforms. Requires at least Mono 4. Build scripts are written in C#, and compiled at runtime. C, C++ and Objective C code are the main build targets. The current version of BuildAMation supports a multithreaded command line build, or generation of Visual Studio or Xcode projects, or MakeFiles.

Server Applications

  • OpenOnPhoto: An ASP.NET application for managing and sharing photos.
  • Landell: VOIP application based on the Tapioca framework.
  • vmx-manager a tool to manage virtual machines.
  • SunUO a free server for running Ultima Online.
  • * OmniPortal is an object oriented website framework, written in C# for ASP.NET, it runs under Windows 2000/2003/XP or under the Mono Framework which runs on Linux and macOS.
  • SharpKnocking an implementation of the port knocking principles with mono (c#) and iptables.
  • OpenSimulator: An open source simulator for the SecondLife client written in C# and that works on both .NET and Mono.
  • Yet Another Forum - YAF: software to power your forums, it is used for example in

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