Companies using Mono

Mono is currently being used by a number of commercial software vendors and corporate enterprises to provide a rich environment for developing cross-platform applications. We’ll feature cool solutions here to give you an idea of the real world power and benefits of Mono. If you have a cool Mono solution, send us an email at

Feature Mono Success Stories

Skybound Software Delivers Professional Web Developer Tools on Windows and Mac with Mono


Skybound Software, based out of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, is the creator of Stylizer, a powerful CSS editor designed to help web designers of all skill levels produce higher quality CSS in less time. Stylizer has a loyal user base, with many thousands of users spanning the entire range of web designer skill levels. The product is heavily focused on using interface in clever ways to automate and abstract the trivial technical details of the Cascading Style Sheet language. For a cross-platform application running from a single code base, the UI delivers a surprising level of native operating system look and feel, on both macOS and Windows.

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Unity Technologies Implements Award-Winning 3D Game Development System Using Mono


Unity Technologies, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the creator of the product Unity, a game development system built around their own powerful 3D engine. Unity is used by leading game development studios worldwide, and was recently awarded a runner-up Apple Design Award for “Best Use of macOS Graphics” at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. This is the first time that a game development tool has reached the level of quality and ease of use required to win this prestigious award. Unity developers used Mono to achieve their cross-platform requirement of having Unity run on Windows and macOS.

Find out how Mono is helping Unity build a rapidly growing user base on both Windows and macOS, and making Unity the standard for many types of game development, architecture visualization, advertising and educational solutions.

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Codice Develops Cross-Platform SCM Product Using Mono

Codice Software, based in Valladolid, Spain, is the developer of PlasticSCM software configuration management tool. The goal of Plastic SCM is to make high-end features available and affordable to any company, on multiple platforms, while still being easy to install and use. Find out how Codice used Mono to leverage their existing expertise and develop an easy-to-use cross-platform SCM solution with the advanced features that are required by software development teams.

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Success Stories

Who uses Mono?

If your company uses Mono and would like to get it listed here, please contact

  • Novell: Novell uses Mono for both client and server applications:
  • MedTronic uses MonoTouch and MonoDroid to power their mobile applications from a single C# codebase and they are also featured in Apple’s Business web site.

  • FuturePrice is using Mono to provide cross-platform access to complete market-wide data feeds for shares and other instruments listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. Their Data API provides request/response mechanisms capable of handling thousands of simultaneous requests, as well as market-wide streaming feeds delivering quotes and trades across all (approx. 8,000) shares listed on NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. The Data API receives institutional-quality market data from the NYSE Technologies Group’s SuperFeed(tm) platform. Mono enables FuturePrice to provide simple, cross platform access to these complete feeds, on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

  • LindenLab runs user-created scripts in the SecondLife world under a mono virtual machine.

  • Skybound Software developed Stylizer, a professional-class CSS editor for Mac and Windows built in 100% managed code - with an interface designed to please the most UI-obsessed segment of the market (elite web designers).

  • is a social price comparison board where everyone can add their receipts to compare prices. The application is written in ASP.NET MVC 3 and .NET 4 and is hosted in nginx with fastcgi using Mono on Ubuntu.

  • ST Microelectronics support GCC for CIL languages and ported Mono to the SH4 platform

  • Electronic Arts used it to power Sims3.

  • Logic Ethos Ltd are using Mono on their backend communication servers. Their largest project to date, Turbo Exchange, securely transfers Vehicle Breakdown information between towing companies in the UK. Other projects include vehicle tracking, and communicating with community mini-buses. Mono also provides multi-platform support for clients.

  • Cogmation uses Mono on their robotics software to drive the scripting in their platform.

  • Nu Tech Software Solutions uses Mono for their virtual keypad and graphical status for Ademco Honeywell alarms.

  • Slingshot Software uses Mono and PostgreSQL to offer their .NET-based ERP software on Linux.

  • Metrosharp Corporation is a specialist in complex record keeping requirements and uses Mono and Cocoa# for its Identity Management System line of software. Metrosharp OpenIMF (Identity Management Framework) released under Mozilla Public License and Metrosharp IMS 2007 (Identity Management System) bring advanced USC 2257 record keeping compliancy to Novell SUSE Linux and macOS.

  • Codice Software: they develop a commercial Source Code Management product called Plastic. Read the Codice success story here.

  • MicroInvest: is the biggest software providers for warehouse management applications in Bulgaria. Warehouse Open is warehouse management software written in C# and licensed under GPLv2. It is designed to work on the Linux platform and uses Mono, GTK as a user interface and MySQL as a database. Designed to be as easy to use as possible and uses the same database schema as Warehouse Pro.

  • Artisteer uses Mono to bring their Web design creator to other platform. Starting with version 2.2 it is possible to run their software using Mono.

  • MindTouch: they produce the DekiWiki wiki software that is used to power sites like the Washington Post’s WhoRunsGov and the Developer site at Take a look at some of the testimonials from some of their users.

  • Medsphere: The Medsphere OpenVista software allows physicians to access complete patient health information at the point of care, and it runs on both Windows and Linux, thanks to Mono. Medsphere customers now have the flexibility to choose the OS that is right for them, without worrying about application availability. See the screenshots.

  • Völcker Informatik: When customers began demanding Linux support for their ActiveEntry provisioning system, Völcker engineers turned to Mono to create a single cross-platform codebase. A complete profile of the process is available at the Novell success stories page.

  • Quantifi Solutions: Specialists in complex financial instruments, Quantifi Solutions use Mono to mix C# and C++ code in their finance modeling software. Their financial models are refined constantly, so they need code that is easy to manage and easy to maintain, while still running fast enough to keep up with the markets. One of the Quantifi engineers discusses their implementation here in the mailing list archives.

  • Unity Technologies: Their Unity 3D game modeling tool uses Mono so customers can build cross-platform video games. Their engineers have also spoken about their Mono use on the Mono mailing list. Read the Unity Technologies success story here. Many companies using Unity’s technology indirectly use Mono, these are some applications powered by Mono:
    • Cartoon Network’s FusionFall.
    • Lego’s Quest for R2-D2
    • Flashbang’s Blurst online and iPhone gaming.
    • Over 100 developers that have published their games on the iPhone with Unity’s iPhone support.
  • Versora: Windows-to-Linux migration specialists Versora used Mono and C# to produce a cross-platform tool that helps companies move system and application setttings and user data. Read their success story here.

  • Fiducial: This French business services company uses Mono to power their intranet.

  • Neoware: Check the HTTP headers on the website for thin-client vendor Neoware: those ASPX pages are served up usig mod_mono, Apache, and Linux. How many other ASP.NET sites using Mono can you find? Let us know when you come across one, and we’ll post it here.

  • imeem: imeem’s mac client takes advantage of Mono and open source cocoa binding they created called Dumbartion.

  • Fanfare: Fanfare is a Silicon Valley startup building a commercial software solution to enable test automation for equipment vendors. Fanfare utilizes Mono to allow their FanfareSVT Runtime to work across platforms. Check out their success story here.

  • SplendidCRM: Splendid CRM is a commercial open source product that was originally developed for Windows and .NET but now runs on SUSE Linux with Mono. Read their announcement.

  • Information Technology Partners is a Belgian ICT services and solutions provider. They recently started the development of an application for architects that must run cross‑platform (MAC OS, Linux). Since they already have a strong background in .NET the choice to go with Mono for the new application was easy.

  • Devart Devart provides database connectivity solutions for such databases as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others that are compatible with Mono.

  • VistaDB ships their VistaDB embeddable database on Mono.

  • Mainsoft uses Mono for their Grasshopper product which allows ASP.NET applications to be deployed on J2EE servers.

  • SourceGear. SourceGear uses Mono to provide their Vault software on Unix systems.

  • Coversant: they build SoapBox, a Jabber server

  • A&D Solutions based in Curitiba, Brazil just released version 3.2 of their Maximus Security product, cross-platform security monitoring software that uses embedded Mono for alarm event processing. Available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • Zing: their portable MP3/Wifi player uses Mono to drive their application stack. You can see various pictures of the player on this hands-on review at Engadget.

  • Gaiaware offers the Ajax framework Gaia Ajax, which is a complete suite of controls for ASP.NET that let you build powerful web applications without use of any JavaScript, only by writing C# or VB.NET. Gaia is released under a dual-licensing scheme: GPL or proprietary.

  • Interopix is using Mono.NET on a FreeBSD based server to provide back-end communications with in-field alarm and automation controllers. The server was designed to securely collect configuration and status data from many thousands of in-field systems and provide that information to users via a web application running on the same server. This is a commercial application.

  • 7digital is using Mono for various things. For now only some internal services are using Mono in production, but more things are to come. A blog post that talks about it is here: By the way, we are hiring!

  • Syltek Solutions runs all their reservation-management tools with Mono, with customers around the world.

  • THR Support uses Mono for their customer ticket-tracking system.

  • Vladster Created IncoPOS - a desktop point of sale and inventory management system for Windows, Linux and macOS running on Mono. Their cloud service IncoCloud runs on Linux using Mono and connects hundreds of branches in real-time. Their Android app IncoDroid uses Xamarin and Mono and reuses most of the logic from IncoPOS.

  • MaxSoft is using Mono and .NET to develop Viber chat bots for Windows, Mac OS and Linux servers. They also develop mobile apps using Xamarin.

MindTouch Based Projects

Mindtouch produces Deki an enterprise collaboration framework and many web sites are powered by it. A list of existing customers of Deki is available here.

Web Projects Using Mono

  • Mozilla’s developer site is powered by Deki on Unix. Deki is a Mono/.NET-based collaboration management system.

  • Fiducial: Their public new site uses Mono and ASP.NET, the system is running on a cluster of computers with a Postgress back-end and an ASP.NET content management system.

  • Washington’s Post WhoRunsGov: A web site dedicated to tracking government officials and their backgrounds, a system based on Deki.

  • EPresence.TV: ePresence Interactive Media is the world’s first open source webcasting and conferencing solution. It is designed to support conferences, online meetings, seminars, and demonstrations by broadcasting them live over the internet, or making them available as on-demand webcasts.

  • Wikipedia: WikiPedia uses Mono for its search facilities. The indexing and the actual searching is done by Mono-based applications.

  • GovTrack.Us

  • EuroAlert.Net A system built on top of the GTW-Framework, created by Gateway-SCS in Spain.

  • Condelway a platform for the distribution of digital content, created by Gateway-SCS in Spain.

  • is an AJAX-based dictionary site for English-Japanese, English-Chinese and English-Korean translations that uses Mono.

  • Sail Event Scheduler A web-based schedule for sailing events like racing and training.

  • Orion’s Belt a web-based MMO game.
  • Agentka’s Job Board:
We launched a job board at in November 2008.
The site runs on a Linux box and it uses Mono (currently we use version 1.9.1,
but an upgrade is planned). The interesting thing is we do not use ASP.NET or
Apache. The site is using a custom web server which was written in C# and also
the web application is using a custom C# framework. The performance of the
whole system (including full-text indexing) is really good when comparing to
"standard" LAMP solutions.