This page is likely outdated. Visit the new documentation for updated content.

The Mono mailing lists were disabled in May 2018. For new and ongoing discussions, please see the Community page.

Archives of the mailing lists are still available.

mono-announce-list Announcements of Mono developments.
mono-aspnet-list Discussions regarding ASP.NET development on Mono.
mono-list General discussion about Mono. If you are using Mono to run your program(s), this is your list.

A mailing list dedicated to discussions about developing Mono itself, such as development of the runtime, class libraries, and related Mono projects.

Programmers that work on Mono are strongly encouraged to join this list.

Third-party programmers interested in running or compiling their managed applications with Mono or that are interested in using mono-specific technologies should join the list as well.

Examples of on-topic arguments are:

  • Proposals and patches for new features for the mono runtime and programs
  • Discussions about bugs in the mono runtime and programs
  • Discussions about future directions
  • Embedding API, scripting language bridges
  • Mono/mcs build issues
  • Programming with mono-specific assemblies
  • Discussions about third-party compilers that target and/or use directly the CLR
  • Discussions about getting a managed application run with mono
mono-gc-list Discussion on the GC system of Mono.
mono-docs-list Discussion on the documentation of Mono.

Used to discuss the Windows.Forms implementation for Mono.


Used to discuss the Gtk bindings for Mono (Gtk#).

mono-vb Mono's implementation of Visual Basic.NET.
mono-addins Discussion on the Mono.Addins Framework.
monodevelop-list Discussion on the MonoDevelop IDE.
monodevelop-devel-list Discussion on the development/implementation of MonoDevelop.
mono-osx Discuss Mono on Mac OS X.
monotouch Discuss MonoTouch, the Mono for iPhone edition.
cocoa-sharp Discussion on the development of the Cocoa# API bindings for Mono on Mac OS X.
mono-cecil Discussion on the CIL manipulation library Cecil.
gendarme User and developer discussions on the Gendarme static code analyzer tool.
mono-olive Discussion on the implementation of the .NET 3.0 amd 3.5 APIs codenamed Olive. See the Olive page (3.0 and 3.5) for details.
dblinq Discussion on dblinq project, which is used as the foundation for Mono's Linq to SQL implementation.
moonlight-list Discussion on the development of Moonlight.
monoxna Discussion on the implementation of the Mono.XNA APIs.
tf4mono group Discussion of the Team Foundation for Mono Client. tf4mono is a Team Foundation client written in managed code that allows Mono users to access Team Foundation servers (CodePlex for example).
mono-packagers-list Discussion and collaboration between downstream distribution packagers regarding packaging challenges, and discussions with Mono upstream regarding downstream impact from future changes.

Alternative archive sites

Gmane archives some of them.