Embeddinator-4000 for Android, iOS: Available on NuGet

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Today we are announcing the first preview release of Embeddinator-4000 for Android available on NuGet. The package also includes the previously released iOS support.

nuget install Embeddinator-4000

This will place Embeddinator-4000.exe into the packages/Embeddinator-4000/tools directory.

This release supports the following scenarios:

  • Call C# code from Java or C
  • Package a Xamarin.Android library project into an AAR package for use in Android Studio
    • Include Android layouts, drawables, assets, etc. from C# projects
    • Default linker behavior of SdkOnly
    • Generate AAR files on either Windows or OS X
  • Use Xamarin.Forms’ new embedding API to use Xamarin.Forms from Java
  • Package a .NET library project into a JAR file for use from Java on desktop platforms
  • Package a .NET library project into a dylib, so, or dll as appropriate per platform for use from C

For general usage, run Embeddinator on a compiled Android library assembly as follows:

mono Embeddinator-4000.exe -gen=Java -platform=Android -c YourAndroidLibrary.dll

This will output YourAndroidLibrary.aar for use in Android Studio.

In Android Studio, create a new module and choose Import .JAR/.AAR package: Import AAR Package

Adding a dependency to the new module, will give Java access to your .NET code: Add Module Dependency

For detailed instructions on using Embeddinator-4000 for Android see our Getting Started guide.

For a complete walkthrough, check out this video embedding Charles Petzold’s FingerPaint demo in an Android Studio project here:

Embeddinator-4000 for Android (YouTube)

For iOS support, you can use objcgen.exe included in the NuGet package. Additionally, you can follow the iOS Getting Started guide.