Mono 5.0 is out!

Alexander Köplinger releases

Mono 5.0 is out in the stable channel !

Highlights include shipping the Roslyn C# compiler and msbuild, enabling concurrent SGen garbage collection by default and continued integration of code shared with .NET.

Check out our release notes for more details about what is new on Mono 5.0.

This release was made up of over 2000 commits since Mono 4.8 and is the result of many months of work by the Mono team and contributors!

New Linux package repository structure

Linux users: we switched our package repositories to a new structure which means we’re now using a separate repository for each supported Linux distribution instead of one for all. This means you need to update e.g. your apt feed lists, please head over to the download page for updated instructions.

Read this blog post for more background info on the change.