There are several command line utilities included in Mono that constitute the development toolchain. These are key components which you’ll want to familiarize yourself with:

Main tools

  • mono is the Mono runtime and Just In Time compiler (JIT)
  • mcs, Mono’s C# compiler
  • gacutil is a tool used by developers to install versioned assemblies into the system Global Assembly Cache (GAC) to become part of the assemblies that are available for all applications at runtime.
  • xsp, Mono’s stand alone ASP.NET web services and web application server
  • mono-config - Mono runtime file format configuration
  • mkbundle - Create and cross-compile self-contained executables with no external dependencies.

Miscellaneous tools

  • ilasm: IL assembler
  • monodis: IL disassembler and metadata explorer
  • ikdasm: IL disassembler, more robust, but lacks some of the metadata features of monodis.
  • monop: command line class display (Try: monop System.String)
  • sn: StrongName (code signing) utility for signing IL assemblies
  • sqlsharp: command line SQL client for most of the the System.Data based DB Connectors
  • Gendarme: Rule-based assembly analyser for developers.
  • Monoxide: Interactive assembly analyser.
  • csharp: An interactive shell (REPL) for C#.

XML & Web Service

(see man pages and Microsoft docs)

  • xsd
  • genxs
  • dtd2xsd
  • wsdl & wsdl2
  • disco
  • soapsuds

Project conversion & deployment

  • prj2make: Convert Microsoft Visual Studio 2002 and 2003 solution and project files to makefiles to ease the transition to Mono
  • mkbundle: Packages an exe and all assemblies with libmono into a single binary package.
  • macpak: Packages mono and assemblies together so they may run on macOS


  • caspol: Tool to modify Code Access Security CAS policies.
  • cert2spc: Transform a set of X.509 certificates and CRLs into an Authenticode(tm) “Software Publisher Certificate”
  • certmgr: Manage X.509 certificates and CRL from stores.
  • chktrust: Verify if an PE executable has a valid Authenticode(tm) signature
  • makecert: X.509 Certificate Builder, e.g. SSL server/client, Authenticode(tm)
  • mozroots: Download and import trusted root certificates from Mozilla’s LXR.
  • permview: Permission Viewer for .NET assemblies.
  • secutil: Extract strongname and X509 certificates from assemblies.
  • setreg: Change settings for public key cryptography.
  • signcode: Sign assemblies and PE files using Authenticode(tm).

Help & Documentation

  • mod: a command line monodoc reader
  • assembler: A tool for assembling documentation generated by monodocer.
  • monodocer: Generates documentation out of assemblies.