Compiling Mono From Tarball

If you are building versions of Mono prior to 2.8, you will need to obtain the Mono dependencies first: glib 2.x and pkg-config. With Mono 2.8 it is no longer necessary to have either one of those.

Building From Packages

This applies to the officially released packages.

Unpack the Mono runtime distribution:

tar -xJvf mono-X.XX.tar.xz; cd mono-X.XX

Then configure, compile and install:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local; make; make install

This will give you a runtime, C# compiler and runtime libraries, where /usr/local is the prefix where Mono will be installed. You can change this to suit your needs.

If you are not using GNU/Linux system (such as Solaris or BSD variants), make sure to use GNU make.