Xbox One

Mono for XBoxOne allows developers to build .NET applications that run on the Xbox Game Partition and gives them access to a comprehensive set of .NET APIs including support for .NET Standard 2.

Xamarin for Xbox One leverages Mono’s JIT compiler during development, allowing you to quickly iterate when working on your game code. Release builds of your game will be fully statically compiled using Mono’s Full Ahead of Time Compilation engine as JIT compilation is not allowed in published games.

The Xamarin SDK for Xbox One bundles the MonoGame Xbox One backend and associated tooling as well as a MonoGame Xbox One Visual Studio template to help you get started.

This will be useful to developers using the MonoGame framework, or embedding Mono as a high-level framework into their game code.

For users interested in using Mono on XboxOne, fill this form to request access to the SDK. NOTE, to be eligible you need to be a licensed Xbox developer and enrolled in the ID@Xbox program or have an assigned Xbox Account Manager. For more details please visit,