Platforms Supported

Currently, only the 32 bit SPARCv8 ABI is supported (32 bit userspace).

Operating Systems Supported

At this point, only the Solaris operating system is supported.

Mono releases from 1.1.14 onward should run on Linux/SPARC as well.

Building Mono on Solaris

To build Mono on Solaris you will need a complete GNU toolchain:

  • Use GNU tar to unpack the sources, as Solaris tar has problems unpacking Mono.

  • Do not use any of the Solaris tools for the build (cc, ld, as, m4, yacc, sed), make sure that you have a set of GNU tools. When running configure, make sure that none of the build tools used are from Solaris. Set CC=gcc and use gmake for the build.

  • You might need to add /usr/ccs/bin to your PATH since it contains the ‘ar’ utility needed during the build.

  • /usr/ccs/bin contains an ‘mcs’ command which has the same name as our C# compiler. This will confuse the build process, so either rename it to something else, or copy the ‘ar’ command to another directory and include that directory in your path instead of /usr/ccs/bin.

  • If during compilation, gcc reports errors in system header files, you might need to to patch the header files to be compatible with gcc. To do this, run (as root);

cd /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-solaris<SOL VERSION>/<GCC VERSION>/install-tools