The IA64 port is at the same level as the x86/amd64 ports. Currently, only linux is supported.

The port was started by Zoltan Varga in May 2005 and completed in August of the same year.

Building Mono on IA64

In addition to the usual mono dependencies, it depends on the libunwind package to implement exception handling:


By default, the mono GC is configured to use 8KB pages, which will not work on IA64 machines with a 4KB page size. To check the page size on your system, type:

zcat /proc/config.gz grep PAGE_SIZE_4KB

If this prints something like this:


then mono needs to be compiled with a compiler flag to use 4KB pages:

configure “CFLAGS=-DHBLKSIZE=4096”

A runtime compiled this way will work on machines using both 4KB and 8KB pages.