Mono 4.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: 10 Aug 2015

4.0.3 is the third maintenance release of the 4.0 series


  • Various stability improvements

Bug Fixes

  • 28600: Some LLVM artifacts are being written to the base project dir rather than obj/$Config/
  • 26205: System.IO.Package.LoadRelationships throws null reference for some NuGet packages with PCLs generated on Windows
  • 30868: ObjectDisposedException in mono, but not mono 3.12.1
  • 31582: iOS -O=float32 fails for some operations on ARM7
  • 30043: Disposing a FileSystemWatcher object causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  • 31060: F# sprintf AOT bug happens still now


Alexander Köplinger, Alexander Kyte, Alexis Christoforides, Alex Rønne Petersen, Chris Hamons, Craig S. Bosma, Iain Holmes, João Matos, Jo Shields, Marek Safar, Rodrigo Kumpera, Sebastien Pouliot, Zoltan Varga