New in Mono 3.2.2

Release date: 01 Sep 2013


This is a bugfix release.

Some edge cases in our garbage collector that were found in internal testing are now fixed. Multiple C# compiler issues fixed.


  • TPL- Fix scheduling of non-inlined synchronous continuations.
  • Weaken a race condition in object initialization
  • Fix race conditions in finalizer/weak link staging
  • Fixed System.Text.Decoder.GetChars(byte*,int,char*,int,bool) to copy output into the char* buffer
  • Fixed to fail the __thread check with clang
  • Fixed g_utf8_to_utf16_general() to handle invalid utf8
  • 8934 Add more implicit generic array interfaces.
  • 13050 Properly null terminate strings in mono_dwarf_escape_path ().
  • 13191 Avoid passing partially shared instances to the JIT.
  • 13362 Adds async handling to binary:emitbranchable.
  • 13443 Add clone for error expression.
  • 13454 Lift result of enum substraction when operation is lifted due to non-nullable enum type.
  • 13466 Add *CachePolicy to mobile profile.
  • 13476 Ignore space separators in nowarn arguments.
  • 13497 Check promoted value type binary equality operations against null too.
  • 13509 Remove CultureInfo.CurrentCulture dependency from ordinal based string::EndsWith.
  • 13603 Quote path arguments to opt/llc.
  • 13604 STW handshake/thread shutdown race condition.
  • 13734 Disable LLVM for async methods to work around.
  • 13951 Register the jit info for GC critical methods as soon as they are loaded
  • 13952 Don’t crash when reporting invalid case label value.