New in Mono 3.0.4

Release date: 22 Feb 2013

Garbage Collector

Many changes went into our GC implementation. We added long links support to our traditional Boehm collector. As for SGen, it is finally a true concurrent GC, with cementing support. We also fixed several bugs, such as #9928 pointer free deadlock problem and bugs in mono_gc_weak_link_get.


Rewrite of async StreamReader/StreamWritter operations to not fail on subsequent async call. Fixes #9761


Updated encoding support.

Some minor bug fixes.

Other improvements

New MONO_DISABLE_SHARED_AREA environment variable lets you turn of the use of shared memory in Mono (used by performance counters and optionally by the io-layer).

Updated EntityFramework version that ships with Mono.

Support for ConnectionLifetime parameter in SqlClient (contributed by 7digital).

Fixed C# Evaluator Terse reader with loops

Don’t report user operator error during probing user conversions. Fixes #10170.

Add explicit interface GetType implementation to avoid object::GetType become proxy. (C# compiler fix)

Implement use of __refvalue as an lvalue. Fixes #10034.


We no longer install a /usr/bin/pkg-config on OSX, to stop clashing with Homebrew.