Mono 0.4

Release date: 15 Jul 2001

Hey guys,

I promise I will not be doing these so often once we have the CVS server up. In the meantime:


Sean got the classes to compile in a single go. You will need CygWin ( to compile though (GNU make and stuff is required).

System.Xml.XmlReader contribution from Jason (WOOHHOO!!). It also contains a nice test-suite for his functions, and in his new code bit, his implementation is faster than Microsoft’s

We now ship jay as part of the distribution to allow you to compile the compiler with the same make command. Small fixes to the parser as well were introduced.

Mono 0.4

Paolo’s interpreter supports call instructions and has the test suite program that he posted about.

All documentation ships now in the mono-0.4.tar.gz


As usual, MCS is targeted to be compiled on a Windows machine (you will need Cygwin).

Mono is targeted to be compiled on a Unix machine or a Windows machine running Cygwin.