Mono 0.22

Release date: 06 Mar 2003

Hello everyone!

We are releasing a new version of Mono, Mono 0.22. A new release is made today because of the few recent bug-fixes that were committed to CVS.

Source code and binaries for this release can be found on the web page,

The URLs for the sources are:

  • MCS package (the Class Libraries, C# and VB.NET compiler and other assorted tools written in Managed code):
  • Mono package (the Runtime engine and JIT compiler):

RPM packages for this release can be downloaded from the web-page as well as from the ‘Mono’ channel on Red Carpet. Debian packages will appear on the download page later, as well as an installer for our Windows users.

Since last Thursday, 320 commits have been made to our CVS repository. These following hackers contributed to Mono since version 0.21:

 Aleksey Demakov, Alexandre Pigolkine, Atsushi Enomoto, Elan
 Feingeld, Dick Porter, Dietmar Maurer, Duncan Mak, Gonzalo
 Paniagua, Ian MacLean, Jackson Harper, Jean-Marc Andre, Jerome
 Laban, Lluis Sanchez, Martin Baulig, Miguel de Icaza, Nick
 Drochak, Paolo Molaro, Pedro Martinez, Per Ameng, Peter Williams,
 Rafael Teixeira, Reggie Burnett, Sebastien Pouliot, Tim Coleman
 and Zoltan Varga.


  • The “MemoryStream” bug.

    This bug affected a lot of classes, and made them crashy, database code, XML parsing and a few others were crashing. Thanks to Gonzalo for fixing this bug.

  • System.Data:

    More bug fixes from Aleksey and Tim.

  • Reflection:

    Zoltan continues to provide fixes to our Reflection.Emit code to host IKVM.

  • Remoting:

    Lluis added support for activation using activation attributes.

  • PEToolkit:

    Jackson imported the PEAPI package from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. This will replace the existing Mono.PEToolkit for our ILasm back-end.

  • Windows Forms:

    More fixes from Reggie and Alexandre.

  • System.Web.Mail:

    Per has been working on this namespace. He announces recently that all major parts of System.Web.Mail has now been implemented.

  • System.Web.Mobile:

    Gaurav continues to make progress here.

  • Misc:

    Ian MacLean contributed a /compile flag to monoresgen and assorted bug-fixes and improvements from the rest of the team.

My name is Duncan Mak, and I just made my first Mono release.