Mono 0.16

Release date: 01 Oct 2002


Version 0.16 of Mono has been released! This is mostly a bug fix release, a lot of work has been going on to make existing features more robust and less buggy. Also, contributions are too varied, so it is hard to classify them in groups.


795 commits to mono and mcs since August 23rd.


The changes that got in this releases are mostly bugfixes. Miguel, Martin and Ravi attacked lots of bugs in the compiler, Dick fixed a bunch of bugs related to processes and threads. Mark Crichton resumed his work on the SPARC port and made lots of progress there. Juli Mallett has been working on making sure Mono also builds on BSD systems. As usual, Dietmar and Paolo supplied their continuous stream of fixes to the runtime.

Dietmar has completed the work on the runtime side for remoting support and we ship now with a sample channel, the System.Runtime.Remoting.Sample. This can be used as a reference implementation for anyone interested in implementing other channels (like a CORBA channel).

Duncan got preliminary XSLT support done by using libxslt.

Gonzalo (with some help from Patrik) has been working hard making our ASP.NET implementation work on both Mono and MS by migrating the existing xsp code to the class library. Gaurav started working on the classes in System.Design.dll and Chris Toshok checked in Mono.Directory.LDAP, which will be the foundation to implement the System.DirectoryServices assembly.

Various fixes from Kral, Jason, Piers and Gonzalo were committed to System.Xml; Martin Algiers reports that the upcoming NAnt release will be fully compatible with Mono.

Miguel imported Sergey Chaban’s Mono.PEToolkit and ilasm code to CVS. Nick, as always, continues to refine our testing framework by improving our tests. Andrew Birkett continues to improve the implementation of our security/cryptographic classes. Jonathan Pryor contributed type-reflector the our list of tools.

Other News From Behind de Curtain

While the above is pretty impressive on its own, various other non-released portions of Mono have been undergoing: Adam Treat has been leading the effort to document our class libraries and produce the tools required for it.

Martin Baulig has been working on the Mono Debugger which is not being released yet. This debugger allows both native Linux application as well as CIL applications to be debugged at the same time (and in fact, you can use this to debug the JIT engine). The debugger is written in C# with some C glue

In the meant A new JIT engine is under development, focused on adding more of the high-end optimizations which will be integrated on an ahead-of-time-compiler. Dietmar and Paolo have been working on this.

Contributors to this release

  • Non-Ximian developers: Adam Treat, Andrew Birkett, Dennis Hayes, Diego Sevilla, Franklin Wise, Gaurav Vaish ,Jason Diamond, Johannes Roith, John Sohn, Jonathan Pryor, Juli Mallett, Kral Ferch, Mike Crichton, Nick Drochak, Nick Zigarovich, Piers Haken, Rafael Teixeira, Ricardo Fernandez Pascual, Sergey Chaban, Tim Coleman.

  • Ximian developers: Dietmar, Paolo, Dick, Duncan, Ravi, Miguel, Martin, Chris, Joe, Gonzalo, Rodrigo.