Mono 0.11

Release date: 24 Apr 2002

Hello everyone!

Mono 0.11 is out!

This new version has new features:


  • Ultrich Kunitz implemented the whole calendar set of classes. Yes, thats right. The whole thing, with a complete test suite. Thanks Ultrich!

JIT/runtime features

  • Martin’s debugging framework is included (see web site for details on how to use it). (Martin)

  • Transparent Proxy has been implemented for the runtime (lets you run/debug/hack on remoting for Mono) (Dietmar)

  • Inline and constant folding/propagation support in the JIT engine (Dietmar)

  • Profiling support for the JIT engine (–profile).

Cool runtime hacks, that made our compiler twice as fast

  • New string rewrite: faster, speedier, leaner, cooler!

    Paolo had been talking about a new string rewrite, and super hacker Patrik Torstensson started the implementation, Dietmar then switched the object layout and the Mono team helped iron out a few of the details.

  • New array reprensetation: Dan Lewis contributed a new faster and smaller array implementation.

  • Improved Reflection.Emit: Paolo improved our reflection emit code.


  • Daniel Morgan, Rodrigo Moya have some pieces of the Sql classes ready to run. he first signs of life this week (we can connect, insert rows; do transactions: commit/rollback; SQL errors and exceptions work).

Http Runtime

  • The HTTP runtime (to be used by our ASP.NET implementation) was contributed by Patrik Torstensson. Patrik not only contributed a massive ammount of classes, but he immediately went on to implement ThreadPools and then helped out with the new String rewrite.

XML improvements

  • Kral Ferch and Duncan Mak contributed more improvements to the XML implementation.

  • Work on Xml Serialization from John Donagher.


  • MonoDoc ships for the first time! (John Barnette, Adam Treat and John Sohn)

  • New documentation stubs ready to be filled, and translated included (thanks to our doc team!)

General fixes

  • Piers Haken fixed many of our attributes and many little problems that were exposed by his CorCompare tool

  • Many Mono C# compiler bug fixes.

Other improvements

  • NUnit works on Linux! (Patrik Torstensson)

  • More NUnit tests (Nick Drochak)

  • Windows.Forms progress: Dennis Hayes and Christian Meyer have been contributing stubs for the Windows.Forms work.

  • Full Parse implementations and bug fixing by Gonzalo

  • Dan Lewis contributed some missing classes for the Regexp implementation.

  • Jonathan’s trace classes

This Month’s Mono is brought to you by

Adam Treat, Chris Podugriel, Christian Meyer, Daniel Lewis, Daniel Morgan, Dennis Hayes, Dick Porter, Dietmar Maurer, Duncan Mak, Guarav Vaish, Gonzalo Paniagua, Jaime Anguiano, Jason Diamond, Joe Shaw, John Barnette, John Donagher, John Sohn, Jonathan Pryor, Kral Ferch, Martin Baulig, Miguel de Icaza, Mike Kestner, Nick Drochak, Paolo Molaro, Patrik Tostensson, Piers Haken, Ravi Pratap, Rodrigo Moya, Sergey Chanben, Ultrich Kunitz, Wictor Wilen.

I know that I missed some features, there is a lot of work that happens in a month. I apologize in advance for any features I omited by accident.

Special thanks go to Duncan for helping out with all those little details in the project. And also Nick who has been keeping us in good shape by maintaining and helping new contributors provide more test suites.

Reporting bugs

If you find a bug in Mono, please file a bug here:

That way we wont loose your bug report, and will be able to follow up properly with it. Also try to provide simple test cases whenever possible and try as hard as possible to identify the root of a problem (compiler, runtime, class libraries).


The mailing list is open for those of you who want to discuss the future of Mono.