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In most cultures, he is know as “The man”, not to be confused with “the man” as refering to a goverment, but as in the “The Man” as in “the great one”.

Miguel was born and raised as a young cyborg in Mexico. Miguel later did some stuff and then some other cool stuff and then he came up with Gnome. Now Miguel has achevied world domination through the creation of Mono. He is currently planning his move on to galactic domination.

Miguel is also known for his mass league of followers. These people can be heard in the hills of Boston late at night, chanting Miguel’s name aloud.

Miguel owns a small monkey that was frozen in the ice age, which he in a glass paper weight which sits on his desk, which he won at auction in 1992. Rumor is that Miguel gets strange super powers from the monkey, such as seeing through walls, the ability to maintain very large, world changing projects, and the ability to reverse engineer anything in less then a minute.

Miguel also loves the daily show and is happily married.