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Jonathan Pobst

Affectionately known in the winforms world as “Mr. 2.0”, Jonathan is tasked with implementing all of the winforms 2.0 API before every bug in winforms 1.1 API is fixed. His current completion estimate can only be calculated using .Net 3.5’s new BigInteger class.

So far, this has led him to implement SplitContainer, TableLayoutPanel, FlowLayoutPanel, ToolStrip, MenuStrip, StatusStrip, and ContextMenuStrip, as well as a smattering of random methods from all across winforms.

He is also currently riding a ginormous ego “high” due to his apparently useful MoMA tool that allows people to automate telling him what he has not done yet in 2.0.

Although a lifelong Nashville native, Jonathan has recently decided to become migratory, and will be spending winters living in a fort constructed from Everaldo’s couch cushions in Brazil. He will also consider couch offers from Europe, Japan, and especially New Zealand or Australia.


Blog: Code Monkey

Email: monkey at jpobst dot com

IRC: jpobst, residing in #mono and #mono-winforms, but does not actively watch #mono. One must use the phrase jpobst or moma to trigger IRC highlighting.