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Mono is positioned to be the leading platform for development of Gnome applications on Linux and is an open-source alternative for Microsoft Windows development. The following links should help you get started with Mono:

Core Components

The Mono platform consists of the C# compiler, the just-in-time runtime, and other associated components:

Mono supports several technologies for developing GUI desktop applications. Gtk# is a mature binding to the Gtk platform, which is used primarily for Gnome in Linux but also works in Windows with a native feel. System.Windows.Forms is in active development. CocoaSharp is used for developing Mac OSX applications.

Web applications are an integral part of the Mono platform as well. ASP.NET 1.0 applications can be run within the Apache web server using mod_mono or through a light-weight standalone C# web server called XSP. ASP.NET 2.0 support is in development. Infrastructure for web services and database access through a number of providers is also provided with Mono.

Mono comprises many other technologies as well, including cryptography, code access security, and internationalization.

Mono offers various ways of tuning your application:


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