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Table of contents


Articles written about Mono or covering specific parts of Mono.

Spanish Mono Book available as a Wiki.

API completion status pages

The API status pages are available

Continuous Tasks

Build Bot

Track the status of the Mono repository (builds and regression tests) executed on multiple platforms on the Mono Build


We keep a page with details on performance testing.

Any tests that are added to the mono/tests directory will become a performance test which can be reviewed a day later at the regressions tests page.

Cuni Tests

Tomas Kalibera and his team keep a database of improvements done on a daily basis on the Mono runtime, it is available here:

Debian Language Shootout

Language Shootout benchmarks tracks the performance of Mono vs other frameworks shipped in Debian.

The language shootout is usually a bit lagging regarding the latest version of Mono, but it is close enough.

Daily Regression Test Suite Results

Detailed reports of the regression test suite as well as graphics on progress are available Mono Test Suite Results

New Build System


Browseable Source Code

The source code for Mono can be browsed in the anonymous SVN repository

Third Party Patches

Distributions sometimes apply patches to Mono, you can see a list of distributions and their patches in our ThirdPartyPackages page.

Security Vulnerabilities

A list of known vulnerabilities affecting older versions of Mono is available.