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For the Moonlight 2.0 hacking, some projects

Developers should install Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 and its SDK to create samples and test against their implementation.

Table of contents

Sample Programs

We need a couple of sample programs, we should host those in sldemos (svn+ssh://

Need a victim to volunteer to write some trivial apps, we should also check-in binaries as we do not have a full development pipeline for 2.0.

Project: Integrate Silverlight 2.0

Integrate the source code of the MS-PLed Silverlight 2.0 Beta1 controls into our build system.

We want to keep it in a parallel directory to class, so class/System.Windows contains our code, and class/Microsoft.SilverlightControls contains their controls and we reference in the sources file the ../Microsoft.SiverlightControls/XXXX.

Important: We should probably build the SL controls *first* with Beta2 to ensure that we do not end up implementing features that were removed or dropped.

DependendencyProperty implementation

We need to implement the mechanism for managed code to be able to register their own dependency properties, and to notify the managed code of changes.

Most of the notification stuff should be compatible, as the C++ code already mimics the WPF property notification.

Layout Management

We need to implement the entire Layout management pipeline (SizeRequest/SizeAllocate kind of setup, like Gtk+).

General API completion

Install the `mono-tools’ module, and then run the `gui-compare’ tool to get a listing of our API vs the published API.

Implement code to get the samples running.

Implementing Input Events

Must implement also the concept of Focus Element/Focusing.

New C++-based widgetry

Grid widget, Text editor (its very simple, limited, only one font, no inlines/runs)


The current state of all the Moonlight 2 security work is available at Security Status