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Mono For Linux Developers

Table of contents

Linux Binary Installation

On Linux, Mono is available in various forms: through the Red Carpet installation software, as installers, or as packages that you can install. To learn which way is best for you, consult our Getting Mono page.

Linux IDEs for Mono

As you might expect, there are many development tools available to C# developers, ranging from bare-bones text editors to complex integrated development environments.


MonoDevelop is a project to create an IDE for .NET programming written in C#, using the Gtk# platform. It is actively under development, and is useable, though a bit unstable.

Basic Text Editors

Emacs and Vim are general purpose text editors, not IDEs designed for use with .NET and C#. However, you can use them to write software in nearly any language. For Emacs, you will want to use the C# major mode available at or to handle syntax coloring and proper indentation. Vim supports syntax highlighting for C#, but not much else.

Other recommended text editors include: JEdit.

Eclipse in C# Mode

The Eclipse project is better known for its Java IDE, and is in fact written in Java. However, it is a full-featured development environment which can be used with plugins for many other languages, including C#.

To use Eclipse with Mono, you will need to install a Java Runtime Environment from IBM or Sun, and you will also need one of the following plugins for editing with C#:

Once all three pieces are installed, consult the Eclipse C# plugin documentation for instructions on how to proceed.


Johannes Roith, Jaime Anguiano Olarra, Hinne Hettema, Martin Willemoes Hansen