This page is likely outdated (last edited on 20 Oct 2008). Visit the new documentation for updated content.

Mono Documentation Improvement Project

Although most of the concepts from the Microsoft.NET Framework can be applied to Mono, we do need to have a complete set of free documentation written specifically for Mono.

The wiki is designed to be a centralized repository for all mono-related documentation and information, to make it easy for users to find what they need.

The wiki is currently a pretty good mess, and we desperately need your help with cleaning up existing pages, as well as writing new ones.

Table of contents

Writing New Pages

  • Think about something that you recently had a lot of trouble finding information about and create a page dedicated to it!

  • If you need an idea for something to write, check out Special:Wantedpages.


Here are some suggestions of ways to help clean the wiki up:

  • **Go through the documentation table of contents and find new things to add to it.
  • Go through Special:Shortpages and add more content.
  • Go through Special:Lonelypages, figure out which page(s) should link back to this page, and add the link.
  • Go through the Uncategorizedpages list and categorize the pages.
  • Go through the Longpages list and if it makes sense, split them up into seporate pages.
  • If you see a page that looks like a big mess, add “**


    ” to the top.
    You can see every page that is marked as needing cleanup at NeedsCleanup.

  • If you see a page that looks incomplete, add “**


    ” to the top.
    You can see every page that is marked as incomplete at Incomplete.

  • If you see a page that looks out of date, add “**


    ” to the top.
    You can see every page that is marked as obsolete at Obsolete.

  • Go through the mailing list archives, and pay attention on IRC. If someone asked a question that was answered, but is not properly documented, create a new wiki page or add it to the FAQ.

In-Progress Tasks & Discussion

Writing good Documentation

TechScribe is full of short articles about good documentation, please take a look at them.


Novell will hopefully be able to offer mono schwag (stickers, t-shirts, etc.) as prizes to those who work on documentation, more information to come soon.