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Beginning with version 1.9 of MoMA, you can now run MoMA without showing a GUI. This is helpful for people who wish to add MoMA scans to their automated builds. For example, you may have a policy that only Mono supported methods should be used in your application.

To run MoMA from the command line, use:

MoMA.exe --nogui C:\app\myapp.exe

If you have several assemblies to scan, you can enter them all:

MoMA.exe --nogui C:\app\myapp.exe C:\app\myapp.dll C:\app\myapp2.dll

If you want to specify where the output report goes:

MoMA.exe --nogui --out C:\app\momareport\report.html C:\app\myapp.exe

If you encounter bugs, or need additional functionality, you can file a bug in Mono -> Mono: Tools -> MOMA category of bugzilla. See Bugs.