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Howto Generics

This sample shows how to use a parametrized types over a class

//compile with gmcs sample.cs /out:generics.exe
using System;
public class Generics<T> {
    T obj;
    public Generics (T o)
         obj = o;
    public T GetObj ()
        return obj;
    public void ShowType ()
        Console.WriteLine("T type is:" + typeof(T));
public class TestGenerics {
    public static void Main(string[] args)
         int integer_value;
         string string_value;
         //check for some command line arguments
         if(args.Length == 0)
             Console.WriteLine("Usage: mono generics.exe integer string");
         else {
             //apply to integer argument/type
             Generics<int> integer_obj = new Generics<int>(int.Parse(args[0]));
             integer_value = integer_obj.GetObj();
             Console.WriteLine("value:" + integer_value);
             //apply to string argument/type
             Generics<string> string_obj = new Generics<string>(args[1]);
             string_value = string_obj.GetObj();
             Console.WriteLine("value:" + string_value);