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This is the main page for the documentation regarding the Neon Helium OpenGL demos written using the GtkGLSharp library.

I’ve made a couple of changes given the fact that GTK+ is an event-driven system that does not require separate polling interface. These demos do not currently implement the full-screen features of the original demos, which can be found on the NeHe web page

You can find the lesson code (which is well documented) in subversion:

Table of contents

NeHe Lesson 01

Output from first NeHe Lesson:


Code can be found here:

This is the most simple demo of GtkGLAreaSharp. It doesn’t even draw anything. It is an example of creating a drawing area and will be very useful for anyone who wants to get started developing with this widget. All of the following tutorials are based on this simple example.

NeHe Lesson 02

Output from second NeHe Lesson:


Code can be found here:

NeHe Lesson 03

Output from third NeHe Lesson:


Code can be found here:

NeHe Lesson 04

Output from fourth NeHe Lesson:


Code can be found here:

NeHe Lesson 05

Output from fifth NeHe Lesson:


Code can be found here: