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A view of a 3d Teapot generated using GtkGLAreaSharp

GtkGLAreaSharp is an OpenGL development platform build on the Mono stack.

Our code is hosted in subversion here:

We also keep stable release tarballs here:



Remy has made a great GtkGlAreaSharp:Installation tutorial.


GtkGLAreaSharp is a wrapper around the C GtkGLArea gtk+ widget. Hence, it depends on that library. It is in the GNOME cvs repository as “gtkglarea.” C.J. is now maintainer of this package. Future plans include OS platform independence and use of glitz.

The widget doesn’t require Tao, but it is the most well-maintained C# wrapper around OpenGL that I have found. Plus, the tao developers hang out in the same places as the gtkglarea-sharp developers. The examples in the repository use Tao as the OpenGL interface.

C.J. has created an autotooled build system for tao and hosted it on his server, listed below. You may read more about it on the Tao autotools page

The patch has been applied to the official release, so you no longer need to get it from the above link.

Testing and Development

If you wish to beta test the wrapper, check the code out from subversion here:


If you would like to download GtkAreaGLSharp and use it within MonoDevelop, you can see this rough guide.


For support with GtkGLAreaSharp, catch me on IRC. My nickname is cj on Freenode and GIMPNet. You can catch me on #mono on GIMPNet or by using my web interface to the #mono channel:

I will walk you through the process of getting gtkglarea-sharp installed.

You can also speak with remy on #mono for support. He’s in a different time zone than me.

Help Wanted

API documentation would be great.

Testing the examples would be useful!

Feedback regarding namespace clarity would be very nice.


  • Get the autotools bits working under cygwin with -no-cygwin
  • Make Alp’s managed replacement for gtkglarea work


I have written a number of examples using the widget and taken screen shots.

With the help of Alp Toker, I created a rotating teapot demo, which is included in the examples/ directory of the distribution:

Gtkglext-sharp1.png Gtkglext-sharp2.png

This code is poorly documented. However, I used this code to create a partial implementation of Neon Helium’s OpenGL lessons. You can find the NeHe documentation on the GtkGLAreaSharp:NeHe wiki entry.

Release Notes