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Erik GtkSharp Toc

Work in progress. Efforts have been undertaken to fully create articles/tutorialsbased onthis TOC. If you're planning to contribute to some topics here, please sendan email to gamehack to make sure we do not duplicate efforts.

This is a new TOC for the Gtk# section of the Mono guide

  • Creating Dialogs and Windows
  • A few basic widgets
  • The event loop & event processing
    • The event loop
    • Handling widget events
  • Layout Management
  • Adding Menus to your application
  • Advanced Widgets
    • Containers
    • Treeview
    • Open and save dialogs
    • Gecko#
  • Notification Icons
  • Selection and Clipboard
  • Graphics
    • Painting and drawing (2D)
    • 3D graphics
  • Writing custom widgets
  • One GUI for all
  • Working with threads
  • Application configuration
  • GUI builders
    • Glade
    • Stetic
  • Debugging Gtk# applications