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The <> child of <configuration> section in machine.config, or the application or assembly .config file is used to configure the System.Net namespace.




The connectionManagement section is used to configure the [http:/monodoc/T:System.Net.ServicePointManager ServicePointManager] class, which is used by [http:/monodoc/T:System.Net.WebClient System.Net.WebClient] to manage its connections.

Inside a connectionManagement section, you can have the following tags:

  <add name="address" maxconnection="NN"/>

Where the address is the host name, or the wildcard “*” to apply to all connections. And maxconnection is the maximum number of open connections on that host.

Alternatively an application can change that setting by setting the [http:/monodoc/P:System.Net.ServicePointManager.DefaultConnectionLimit DefaultConnectionLimit] value in the [http:/monodoc/T:System.Net.ServicePointManager ServicePointManager].