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Some articles written by the Mono team are hosted on this site.

We offer links to some articles, tutorials and interviews in other sites as well.

Articles on this Site

From February 2011

  • Profile Documents the new Mono 2.10 profiler.

From January 2011

  • CoreClrHowTo describes how to activate the CoreCLR Security sandbox in your own application when embedding the Mono runtime.

  • MonoMacPackager discussed how Mono can be used to package MonoMac applications.

From 2010

MonoMac describes the new effort to bind all of MacOS X APIs to create OSX-native applications using Mono.

Profiler documents the new Mono profiles that will be available in Mono 2.10.

Mono_LLVM describes how to use LLVM as the code generation engine in Mono, starting with release 2.8

Mono:Runtime:Documentation we moved most of our runtime documentation to the Mono Website and we are now maintaining it here.

GitFAQ Common questions about Mono’s migration to Git and GitHub for source code control.

CSharpRepl discussed our interactive shell for our C# Compiler as a Service.

From July 2007

From May 2007

From April 2007

  • Mono DataConvert: A new API for doing data conversion (little endian, big endian, system) that is better designed than System.BitConverter and designed to replace it within Mono and other applications.

From March 2007

From December 2006

From August 2006

From Nov 2005

From Oct 2005

From Aug 2005

From Jun 2005

From May 2005

From April 2005

From March 2005


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External Articles

April 2012

October 2011

January 2011

A few Mono-centric tutorials created by Jan Bodnar:

October 2010

H Magazine: Mono 2.8 release.

February 2010

Nathan Bridgewater: Porting an ASP.NET MVC WebSite to Mono is a three part series blog that covers how to port an ASP.NET MVC website application to Mono:

Novell: From .NET to Linux in 5 Easy Steps

January 2010

DevX: Microsoft-Compatible APIs in Mono 2.4.

InfoQ: MonoTouch on the iPad.

December 2009

InfoQ: MonoTouch: .NET Development on the iPhone.

May 2009

Code Magazin Meet the Monkey: A .NET Programmer’s Introduction to Mono.

April 2009

CodeProject Develop Mono Applications for the XO Laptop.

DDJ’s Novell’s Mono Brings SIMD support to C#

eWeek’s Using Moma To Port from Windows.NET to Mono on Linux.

February 2009

ZetCode’s Mono IronPython Windows.Forms Tutorial.

ZetCode’s Gtk# Tutorial.

Jan 2009

Tutorial: Using Winforms with Mono/C#

Ars Technica: Open Source Mono Framework Brings C# to iPhone and Wii.

December 2008

DevX: The Mono 2.0 Offerings for Debian GNU/Linux

Ars Technica: Moonlight 1.0 Beta 1 Shines on Linux

Internet News: Linux Clone of Microsoft Silverlight in Beta.

Dr Dobbs Journal: .NET Development on Linux.

Phoronix: Moonlight 1.0 Beta w/ Microsoft Media Pack

Softpedia: First Beta of Silverlight for Linux Available for Download

ZDNet: Silverlight goes Linux with Moonlight 1.0

OStatic: Moonlight 1.0 Beta Available

November 2008

BetaNews PDC 2008: Cross-platform .NET surprisingly makes a fast game scripting engine.

October 2008

TechRepublic Mono 2.0: .NET goes non-Windows.

Linux.Com After 2.0 release, Miguel de Icaza reflects on Mono’s past and future.

eWeek Mono 2.0 Takes .NET Cross Platform.

eWeek Slideshow Mono 2.0 Project Thrives Slideshow.

NetworkWorld Project releases version 2.0 of open source .Net.

Ars Technica Mono 2.0 released, brings C# 3.0 to Linux and Mac OS X.

Redmond Developer News Mono 2.0 Takes Flight.

Dr Dobbs Journal Mono 2.0 Released.

Beta News Mono, the open source .NET counterpart, releases 2.0.

The Register Mono delivers Foundation-free open .NET alternative.

SDTimes Mono 2.0 released with .NET 2.0 compatibility.

Infoworld Mono 2.0 lets .NET Apps Run on Linux:

Current Mono user Mindtouch, maker of the Deki collaboration platform, opted for Mono because it sought to provide cross-platform solutions, said Aaron Fulkerson, Mindtouch founder and CEO. “I think Mono is fantastic for us,” he said. Mindtouch founders and many of the company’s developers had worked at Microsoft and sought to leverage Windows-based development skills, he said. But .Net lacked platform independence. “We very seriously considered going with Java and then [took] a good hard look at Mono,” Fulkerson said. Mono was determined to be a “sufficiently mature technology to build on,” he said. “In fact, we developed our product and deployed solely on Mono and Linux up until this month,” just now adding support for Windows, said Fulkerson.

InternetNews Is .NET on Linux Finally Ready?.

August 2008

Interview with Miguel de Icaza on Mono 2.0

May 2008

Custom controls with MonoDevelop and Gtk#: discusses how to create custom controls using Gtk# and the MonoDevelop IDE for Linux and Windows.

April 2008

SCM Trends: Discusses Plastic SCM from Codice Software, and their use of C# and Mono to bring their application to multiple platforms.

February 2008

Integrating Mono FastCGI and lighttpd 1.5

November 2007

ZDNet: Installing and Using Mono in Ubuntu: an in-depth review of using Mono in Ubuntu and the features available to developers.

Aug 2007

OnLamp Moonlight: Silverlight goes Mono: an article from Edd Dumbill.

OnLamp Mono: A Progress Report: another article from Edd Dumbill.

Jun 2007

Ars Technica Mono Silverlight implementation emerges after epic hackathon

News.Com ‘Moonlight’ makes progress on Silverlight for Linux: an article on the progress so far on Mono’s Silverlight implementation for Linux.

InfoWorld: Moonlight beaming Silverlight to Linux: Open source efforts continue in porting of Microsoft multimedia technology.

May 2007

CodeProject: NetDasm - A tool for disassemble and patch .Net assemblies: an article describing how to use Mono’s Cecil library.

ComputerWorld: Novell’s de Icaza: No Mono-tony in this project

ComputerWorld: Silverlight coming to Linux via Mono

April 2007

ComputerWorld: Creating .Net Applications on Linux and Mac OS X Redmond Developer: Crossing the Divide

Fun with IronPython and Cecil: part1 and part 2.

March 2007

DevX: Migrating .NET Applications with Mono.

February 2007

CodeProject: Mono.Cecil, the most powerfull tool you’ve never heard of: An introductory article to Mono.Cecil library.

Register Developer: Mono on the Mac: Time to look beyond Linux?.

January 2007

Linux Format. Mono is on the cover of Linux Format with and the competition “Make it with Mono is launched.

November 2006

Mono 1.2 Coverage:

CIO Magazine: Mono Upgrade Targets Linux Desktop Apps.

Ars Technica: Novell announces the release of Mono 1.2

eWeek: Novell Updates Mono Open-Source Project

ComputerWorld: Mono upgrade targets Linux desktop applications

LinuxWorld: Mono upgrade targets Linux desktop applications

DesktopLinux: Mono 1.2 brings enhanced .NET features to Linux

EFYTimes: Novell Releases Mono Version 1.2

VNunet: Novell Bridges Gap between .NET and Linux.

OSDir: Mono 1.2 With Enhanced Support for .NET on Linux

PC Format, ZA: Novell Releases Mono 1.2 with Enhanced Support for .NET on Linux CMSWire: Mono Runs .NET on Linux

Other articles:

TuxMachines: Running ASP.NET Applications in Debian and Ubuntu using XSP and Mono

September 2006

ComputerWorld: Open source and .Net aren’t mutually exclusive.

NewsForge: The state of Mono support on Mac OS X

August 2006

DevX: Building Robust UIs in Mono with Gtk#.

DevX: Mono IDEs: Going Beyond the Command Line.

June 2006

DevX: An Introduction to Mono Development.

May 2006

Computer Weekly: Hot skills: Mono lets Microsoft .net workers go cross-platform.

LinuxPlanet: New Mono-Based Applications for GNOME in Fedora Core 5–Part 1.

LinuxPlanet: New Mono-Based Applications for GNOME in Fedora Core 5–Part 2.

TWiT.TV: Chris DiBona and Leo Laporte interview Miguel de Icaza on Mono.

April 2006

Mono Beta press release

Mono wins “Best Application Development Platform” award at LinuxWorld Boston/2006.

eWeek: LinuxWorld: Novell Tunes Linux for .Net, Enterprise Desktops

LinuxWorld interviews:

Linux.Com: Running .Net applications on Linux with Mono

Linux Weekly News: How Mono Got Into Fedora.

March 2006

The Server Side.NET: Q and A with Miguel “Mono Man” De Icaza

The Code Project: An Alternative to the .NET Framework

February 2006

Tectonic: Howto: Mono meets MySql (and a few other tricks)

January 2006

Tectonic: Cool Tool: The Sharp family

CNet: Mono to be Included in Fedora Core 5

October 2005

SYS-CON.TV: Linux - Mono - .NET: An Exclusive SYS-CON.TV Interview With Miguel de Icaza

CodeProject: Time Tracker Starter Kit port to Linux using mono and FireBird

CodeProject: Reports Starter Kit port to Linux using Mono and FireBird

September 2005

Seattle PI: Rival Shines in shadows at Microsoft LA Event

IBM: Mono brings .NET apps to Linux

LinuxWorld.AU Picture perfect and in tune

CodeProject: RAPPTOR.Persistence Transparent object persistence the easy way

CodeProject: MinosseCC: a lexer/parser generator for C#

July 2005

ITWritting: Miguel de Icaza on Mono

June 2005

OReillyNet: Porting a Project from Visual Studio .NET to Mono.

DevX: Developing Windows Forms Applications on Mono

Mono/Mainsoft press tour

In May and June 2005, Miguel de Icaza participated in many press interviews with Mainsoft, a commercial company that leverage Mono’s libraries to migrate ASP.NET applications to .NET and an important contributor to the Mono project. These are some of the articles that were published:

March 2005

CodeProject: Calc# An Introduction to Gtk#

O’ReillyNet: Miguel de Icaza explains how to get Mono

February 2005

OnDotNet: Building Mono on Windows

OSNews: Mono Applications? Aplenty!

January 2005

CodeProject: Introduction to Mono Prize Winner, Jan 2005 the Code Project.

CodeProject: A Google Search Application using Gtk#

O’ReillyNet: The Future of Mono

December 2004

CodeProject: FireBlog a Blog Application under Linux with Mono

O’ReillyNet: Installing Mono on SUSE with Red Carpet

October 2004

O’ReillyNet: Seven Cool Mono Apps

September 2004

TechnologyReview: Sellout or Savior?

OnDotNet: Using the Gtk Toolkit with Mono

July 2004

Ars Technica: Linux.exe: an introduction to Mono as a unified development platform

News.Com: More than an open-source curiosity

June 2004

Using Mono for .NET Linux Development

May 2004

CodeProject: Mono on Windows XP

April 2004

DevX: Creating Cross Platform ASP.NET Applications Using Mono

OSNews: Advanced Tips for Mono

Borland Developer Network: Installing Mono: Running .NET on Linux and Windows

March 2004

OnLamp: Will Mono Become the Preferred Platform for Linux Development?

November 2003

CodeProject: Building Applications with Mono

March 2003

InfoWorld: Whiter Mono?

April 2002

O’ReillyNet: Exploring Rotor and Mono with Monograph

December 2001

Microsoft: Using the ECMA Standards: An Interview with Miguel de Icaza