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Accessibility: Roadmap

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This page contains a high level view of the UI Automation accessibility project. If you are looking for a detailed view of the project schedule, you can view the project schedule page.

The big picture of the roadmap can be broken down into two phases with target dates as follows:

  • Phase 1 - Q1 2009 - UIA Provider and WinForms integration
    • The UIA Provider interfaces will be implemented to support Windows Forms on Mono.
    • The ATK/UIA bridge will be completed.
    • Windows Forms applications running on Linux (in Mono) will be accessible using available Linux ATs.
  • Phase 2 - Q4 2009 - UIA Client and Moonlight integration
    • The UIA Client will be implemented using AT-SPI as the IPC.
    • The UIA Provider interfaces will be implemented to support Moonlight.
    • The AT-SPI/UIA bridge will be completed and UIA based ATs will be able to provide support for all ATK enabled apps.
    • Moonlight based applications will be accessible using available Linux ATs as well as UIA based ATs.

Current release

Release 1.0 - March 17th 2009

Release Notes
100% of the System.Windows.Forms controls supported.

Upcoming releases

Release 1.1 - Mid-late April 2009

Bugfix follow-up to 1.0.

Past releases

Release 0.9.1 - December 6th 2008

Release Notes
Bugfix release for 0.9.

Release 0.9 - November 26th 2008

Release Notes
Initial preview release, not all controls covered.