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Accessibility: Release Notes 1.0

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Mono Accessibility 1.0 Release Notes

The Mono Accessibility project enables Windows applications to be fully accessible on Linux.

This is our first stable release including UIA Provider and ATK support for all of the System.Windows.Forms controls.

Our next phase, the 2.0 release, will encompass a UIA Client implementation that targets both System.Windows.Forms and ATK applications, and UIA Provider support for Moonlight.

Codename: Leela

Release Date: Mar 31, 2009

Supported Controls

  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • CheckedListBox
  • ColorDialog
  • ComboBox
  • ContainerControl
  • ContextMenu
  • ContextMenuStrip
  • DataGrid
  • DataGridView
  • DateTimePicker
  • DomainUpDown
  • ErrorProvider
  • FileDialog
  • FolderBrowserDialog
  • FontDialog
  • Form
  • GroupBox
  • HelpProvider
  • Label
  • LinkLabel
  • ListBox
  • ListView
  • MainMenu
  • MaskedTextBox
  • MenuItem
  • MenuStrip
  • MessageBox
  • MonthCalendar
  • NotifyIcon
  • NumericUpDown
  • OpenFileDialog
  • Panel
  • PageSetupDialog
  • PictureBox
  • PrintDialog
  • PrintPreviewDialog
  • PrintPreviewControl
  • ProgressBar
  • PropertyGrid
  • PropertyGridInternal.PropertyGridTextBox
  • PropertyGridInternal.PropertyGridView
  • RadioButton
  • RichTextBox
  • SaveFileDialog
  • ScrollableControl
  • SplitContainer
  • Splitter
  • StatusBar
  • StatusStrip
  • TabControl
  • TabPage
  • TextBox
  • ThreadExceptionDialog
  • ToolBar
  • ToolBarButton
  • ToolStrip
  • ToolStripButton
  • ToolStripComboBox
  • ToolStripDropDownItem
  • ToolStripLabel
  • ToolStripMenuItem
  • ToolStripProgressBar
  • ToolStripSeparator
  • ToolStripSplitButton
  • ToolStripTextBox
  • ToolTip
  • TrackBar
  • TreeView
  • WebBrowser


17 new features have been added and over 135 bugs have been addressed since the 0.9.1 release. Please check out our bug tracker for the full list.


For the most up-to-date errata, please look at the Mono Accessibility bug tracker for issues filed against Release 1.0.


Mono Accessibility is available for a variety of Linux distributions, including:

If packages aren’t available for your distribution, you’ll probably have to install Mono Accessibility from source. Step-by-step instructions are available.

If you just want to grab a source tarball, check out the Novell FTP page. You will want mono-uia, uiautomationwinforms, and uiaatkbridge.


The following people have contributed to making this release happen:

Andrés G. Aragoneses, Brad Taylor, Brian Merrell, Calen Chen, Calvin Gaisford, Feng Xia Mu (Felicia), Mario Carrion, Michael Gorse, Neville Gao, Ray Wang, Rui Guo (Matt), Sandy Armstrong, Stephen Shaw

Reporting Bugs

If you find any issues with this release, please don’t hesitate to file bugs.

If you want to contribute or need specific assistance, please join our mailing list, or drop in #mono-a11y on