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Accessibility: Release Notes 0.9.1

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Mono Accessibility 0.9.1 Release Notes

The Mono Accessibility project enables Windows applications to be fully accessible on Linux.

This release is a developer release, meaning that it has not gone through exhaustive testing, and as such should not be used for production tasks.

NOTE: This release will not work with (the – as of yet – unreleased) Mono 2.4 or GTK# 2.12.8. Version 1.0 will not have this limitation and will be released shortly.

Codename: Calculon

Release Date: Feb 5th, 2009

Supported Controls

  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • CheckedListBox
  • ComboBox (only DropDown & DropDownList styles)
  • DomainUpDown
  • ErrorProvider
  • Form
  • GroupBox
  • HelpProvider
  • HScrollBar
  • Label
  • LinkLabel
  • ListBox
  • ListView
  • MenuStrip
  • NumericUpDown
  • Panel
  • PictureBox
  • ProgressBar
  • RadioButton
  • RichTextBox
  • ScrollBar
  • StatusBar
  • StatusBarPanel
  • StatusStrip
  • TextBox
  • ToolStrip
  • ToolStripComboBox
  • ToolStripDropDownButton
  • ToolStripLabel
  • ToolStripMenuItem
  • ToolStripProgressBar
  • ToolStripSplitButton
  • ToolStripTextBox
  • ToolTip
  • VScrollBar
  • WebBrowser


  • ToolStripSplitButton: Add support.
  • ToolStripDropDownButton: Fixed invoke behavior.
  • RadioButton: Listen for ISelectedProperty change event rather than ElementSelected event.
  • ListItem, Spinner: Only set Editable state if not ReadOnly

Bugs Fixed:

  • #449599 - Selection implemented for ComboBox items
  • #444325 - MessageBox should have a Dialog role not a Frame role
  • #449317 - Handle basic AutomationEvents for StatusBarPanel
  • #448465 - Change role of StatusBarPanel from Edit to Text.
  • #456319 - Fix crash after clicking the text box inside of ComboBox
  • #456336 - Fix Focused state of ComboBox
  • #447240 - Properly set Name of LinkLabel controls
  • #447231 - Properly set Role of LinkLabel controls
  • #457787 - Fix accessibility bridge loading issue on openSUSE 11.1


  • WebBrowser support is pending the resolution of #427866 for focus events to be properly captured.
  • Changing the View property in the ListView control to/from View.Details is not supported yet. #428525
  • MessageBox does not yet export details about its message text. #447783
  • Items cleared from a ToolStrip or ToolStripDropDownItem may still appear in ATK (#446783)
  • Support for focus and selection events for ToolStripItem is incomplete (#443971).
  • RadioButtons don’t have a MemberOf relation yet. #447885
  • Text attributes are not present in any Atk.Object yet (#442581) because of a bug in the Atk# binding: #393565.
  • Active state of a Form is not removed when switching to another application (due to a limitation in the Provider API) (#445199)


Mono Accessibility is available for a variety of Linux distributions, including:

If packages aren’t available for your distribution, you’ll probably have to install Mono Accessibility from source. Step-by-step instructions are available.

If you just want to grab a source tarball, check out the Novell ftp page.


The following people have contributed to making this release happen:

Andrés G. Aragoneses, Brad Taylor, Brian Merrell, Calen Chen, Calvin Gaisford, Mario Carrion, Michael Gorse, Neville Gao, Ray Wang, Sandy Armstrong, Stephen Shaw

Reporting Bugs

If you find any issues with this release, please don’t hesitate to file bugs.

If you want to contribute or need specific assistance, please join our mailing list, or drop in #mono-a11y on