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    Gtk-Sharp Installer for .NET Framework


    The Gtk# installers for the .NET Framework 1.1 give .NET developers all of the pieces they need to build and run Gtk#-based applications, the same set of libraries that are used to build Unix applications on Mono.

    Applications developed with Gtk# on .NET do not require Mono to run.

    If the application is a 100% .NET, without using P/Invoke to call into Win32 functions or using some Windows-specific assemblies, the code will run out of the box on Unix and Linux systems with Mono.

    The Gtk# installers for .NET come in two variations, SDK and Runtime (Redistributable). These can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

    Gtk# Runtime/Redistributable Installer

    The Gtk# Runtime Installer includes the components necessary to execute run applications on the .NET Framework that were created with Gtk#.

    It contains the Gtk+ runtime and the Gtk# assemblies which get registered into Global Assembly Cache.

    For example, companies like Medsphere use the Gtk# Runtime Installer for the version of their main product that runs in Microsoft Windows. They use Mono on Linux with Gtk# and they use .NET on Windows with this installer for Gtk#.

    The Gtk# SDK Installer for the .NET Framework

    The SDK installer contains all the tools required to develop applications with Gtk# on Windows, it includes:

    • The Glade GUI designer.
    • Gtk+ runtime.
    • Gtk# assemblies.
    • Registration of Gtk# assemblies for Visual Studio.NET 2003.
    • Visual Studio.NET 2003 template files (Gtk# and Glade# based applications).
    • pkg-config files (for those looking for adventure)

    Once installed, when you create a new project from Visual Studio.NET 2003, this should appear:


    The templates contain sample programs that you can use as starting points for your application.

    See the Working_with_Mono_and_Visual_Studio page for more information on using Mono with Visual Studio.

    Notes and Observations

    One mayor difference between the Gtk# installers for .NET and the Mono Combined Installer for Windows is that the Gtk# installers perform libary installations into the Microsoft .NET Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Mono has its own GAC that is independent of the Microsoft .NET GAC.

    Obtaining the Installers

    The runtime and sdk installers for Gtk# are available on the Windows platform section of the Downloads page.