Here we are tracking some plans to particular pieces of technology that are part of Mono. This is just a repository of information that is handy for contributors. Currently you can read our plans for:

  • Microsoft-compatible stack:
    • MacOS X
    No longer being developed ------------------------- The following projects are not actively being developed: * [WSE](/archived/wse) * [EnterpriseServices](/archived/enterpriseservices) * [ASP.NET Designer](/archived/aspnet_visual_designer) * [WinForms Designer](/archived/winforms_designer) * [Transactions](/archived/transactions) * [Gecko# Bindings (Mozilla)](/archived/geckosharp) Mono Management --------------- In addition, the following are Mono project management plans: - [Infrastructure Projects](/archived/infrastructureprojects "InfrastructureProjects") - Visual Studio Projects - [Mono Tools Getting Started Guide](/archived/gettingstartedwithmonotools "GettingStartedWithMonoTools") - [Visual Studio Integration](/archived/visual_studio_integration "Visual Studio Integration")