Mono Documentation Improvement Project

Although most of the concepts from the Microsoft.NET Framework can be applied to Mono, we do need to have a complete set of free documentation written specifically for Mono.

The wiki is designed to be a centralized repository for all mono-related documentation and information, to make it easy for users to find what they need.

The wiki is currently a pretty good mess, and we desperately need your help with cleaning up existing pages, as well as writing new ones.

Table of contents

Writing New Pages

  • Think about something that you recently had a lot of trouble finding information about and create a page dedicated to it!


Here are some suggestions of ways to help clean the wiki up:

  • Go through the documentation table of contents and find new things to add to it.

  • Go through Special:Shortpages and add more content.

  • Go through Special:Lonelypages, figure out which page(s) should link back to this page, and add the link.

  • Go through the Uncategorizedpages list and categorize the pages.

  • Go through the Longpages list and if it makes sense, split them up into seporate pages.

  • If you see a page that looks like a big mess, add "{{NeedsCleanup}}" to the top.
    You can see every page that is marked as needing cleanup at NeedsCleanup.

  • If you see a page that looks incomplete, add "{{Incomplete}}" to the top.
    You can see every page that is marked as incomplete at Incomplete.

  • If you see a page that looks out of date, add "{{Obsolete}}" to the top.
    You can see every page that is marked as obsolete at Obsolete.

  • Go through the mailing list archives, and pay attention on IRC. If someone asked a question that was answered, but is not properly documented, create a new wiki page or add it to the FAQ.

In-Progress Tasks & Discussion

Writing good Documentation

TechScribe is full of short articles about good documentation, please take a look at them.


Novell will hopefully be able to offer mono schwag (stickers, t-shirts, etc.) as prizes to those who work on documentation, more information to come soon.