Gtk# 1.0: Mono's GUI toolkit

Gtk# is a Framwork for Mono and the .NET Framework to develop of GUI applications with Mono and .NET on a variety of platforms: from Linux to Windows to the MacOS X and embedded devices with a frame buffer.

Applications produced with Mono and Gtk# can be used interchangeably between all of the supported platforms without having to recompile your code.

Gtk# features:

Dynamic layout.
Applications developed with Gtk# adjust automatically when translated into different languages as well as adjusting automatically to environment changes like fonts without forcing the developer to redesign his application.

Code and Design separation.
Users of Gtk# keep the design of an application separate from the code: allowing user interface artists and usability experts to design the application and developers to wire the user interface to the actual business logic.
Gtk# can automatically wire up interfaces generated with Glade to your code.

Access to the GNOME printing API takes care of previewing, spooling and configuring printers for users and provides a high-level Postscript-like programming interface.

Mozilla Integration.
Developers can create solutions with the Mozilla browser, for more information see the API docs.
Through the use of Sun's Atk, developers can create fully accessibly applications compliant with Section 508. An application can be used with such tools as screen readers, magnifiers, and alternative input devices.

Unencumbered Licensing
Gtk# is free software. Applications developed with Gtk# come with no strings attached: you can develop any kind of application: commercial or free without requiring any extra fees.

Advanced Graphics.
Gtk# can be used in combination with the Cairo Graphics Library (using the Mono.Cairo library) or System.Drawing to render advanced graphics and develop custom widget with a PDF-like imaging model.

Gtk# can be used from any language supported by the Mono platform. The most popular choices are C# and Java.

Gtk# uses Pango for rendering international text on the screen, so Gtk# is ready for international applications.

Searchable Documentation.
The Monodoc documentation system ships with a documentation browser that can be navigated per class, or using a searchable index.

Known Issues

Gtk# binds the GNOME 2.2 developer platform as this is the most wildly deployed version. Upcoming releases will address this problem as newer versions of GNOME become available.

The GConf, GnomeUI GtkHTML APIs are not supported on Windows.


For screenshots of applications using Gtk# see our screenshots section