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<!-- * [ Mono Installer (Maintenance)] -->
<!-- * [ Mono Installer (Maintenance)] -->
* [ Mono 1.2.6_4 Installer]
* [ Mono 1.2.6_5 Installer]
<!-- Maemo -->
<!-- Maemo -->

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Please refer to our Runtime description for more details on this part of the project. Optional packages are `libgdiplus' (if you want to do graphics). The package `mcs' contains the C# source code to the compilers and class libraries. To run ASP.NET applications you need xsp and if you want to optionally integrate with Apache, get mod_mono. Online API documentation for Mono is available in the `monodoc' package. Gtk-sharp is package to build GUI applications with the Gtk toolkit.

File:Mono icon source.gif  Source Code

File:Mono icon suse.gif

VMware Virtual Image

Mono on openSUSE 10.2

For notes on using the VMware image, see: Instructions for VMware image.

File:Mono icon windows.gif  Windows Installer Windows 2000 and above

Mono for Windows, Gtk# and XSP:

Only Gtk# for .NET:

Mono Migration Analyzer:

File:Mono icon mac.gif  Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard)

Includes Mono, Cocoa#, installs in /Library/Frameworks

Solaris  Solaris 8 (Sparc)

Solaris package instructions.

Mono rpm.gifLinux/x86

File:Mono icon suse.gif  SuSE Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 x86

Novell Linux Desktop 9 x86

SUSE Linux 10.1 x86 / SLED 10 x86 / SLES 10 x86

SUSE Linux 10.2 x86

SUSE Linux 10.3 x86

File:Mono icon redhat.gif  Red Hat

Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4.0 x86

Mono rpm.gifLinux/x86_64

File:Mono icon suse.gif  SuSE Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 x86_64

Novell Linux Desktop 9 x86_64

SuSE Linux 10.1 x86_64 / SLED 10 x86_64 / SLES 10 x86_64

SuSE Linux 10.2 x86_64

SuSE Linux 10.3 x86_64

File:Mono icon redhat.gif  Red Hat

Mono rpm.gifLinux/ia64

File:Mono icon suse.gif  SuSE Linux

SUSE Linux Enterprise 9 ia64

SLES 10 ia64

Mono rpm.gifLinux/S390

File:Mono icon suse.gif  SuSE Linux

SuSE Linux Enterprise 9 for S390

Mono rpm.gifLinux/S390x

File:Mono icon suse.gif  SuSE Linux

SuSE Linux Enterprise 9 for S390x

Mono rpm.gifLinux/ppc

File:Mono icon suse.gif  SuSE Linux

SuSE Linux Enterprise 9 for ppc

SuSE Linux 10.1 ppc / SLES 10 ppc

SuSE Linux 10.2 ppc

File:Mono icon redhat.gif  Red Hat

File:Mono icon linux.gif

Linux Installer for x86

(All distributions)

For help with the installation, see: Instructions to use the Installer.

   Maemo.gif   Nokia 770 and N800 (Maemo)

For help with the usage and installation, see: Mono for Nokia.


Table of contents

Regression Tests

You can get binaries for the Mono Regression Test Suite here

Other Downloads

Binaries for other platforms

Debian Linux - preview packages:

Debian Linux - official packages:

Standalone Gtk# Installer for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SDK - Blastwave is a collection of binary packages of free software that can be automatically installed to a Solaris computer (sparc or x86) over the network. It will even install missing dependencies.

  • Mono on Solaris SPARC and x86. Use pkg-get to install it. You may need to read the HOW-TO to setup pkg-get.


Daily test tarballs of the SVN repository are made almost daily. These are used to run daily tests. These are not guaranteed to build, but have undergone a minimum sanity check in that the snapshot of the SVN repository from which they were generated was buildable on the test machine. The time when they become available is not predictable, and there are sometimes gaps of several days.

The AnonSVN mirrors updated every 30 minutes.


For instructions on how to build Mono, please refer to the compiling page.