Table of contents

    Bug severity definitions

    When filing a bug against Mono, here are the guidelines for determining the severity of a bug.


    • Regressions which stop Mono developers from moving forward with trunk development
    • Build breakages
    • This severity should only be added by a developer on the Mono team


    • All other regressions on supported functionality which are not Blockers


    • Bugs that cause the runtime to crash
    • Bugs that make the runtime unusable
    • Significant bugs what block the next point release


    • Non-crashing Bugs found in existing supported functionality
    • Memory leaks


    • Bugs and regressions in features that are not yet supported functionality
    • Nuisances
    • Performance issues that don’t meet the “unusable” standard
    • Cosmetic graphical issue
    • Fine tuning


    • “Would be nice to have” Feature requests
    • All functionality that is not currently implemented