Mono Installation

Linux Binary Installation

There are a couple of ways to install Mono, depending on your expertise:

To Run Mono Applications: If you want to run simple .NET applications, install the packages "mono" and "libgdiplus".

To Run GNOME Applications that use Mono: If you want to run GNOME applications that take advantage of .NET technologies, install the gtk-sharp package.

To Develop Mono Applications: install the MonoDevelop package which will pull in all the required dependencies.

To run ASP.NET Applications: install the XSP server and its dependencies.

Windows Installation

Visit this page to download the Mono installer. Run it and follow the instructions it supplies.

MacOS X Installation (MacOS X 10.3)

Visit the download page to find the latest MacOS X package. Run it and follow the instructions it supplies. This includes Mono-core. You'll find more information about Mono on MacOS X here.