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MaxDBProvider is ADO.NET data provider on .NET and Mono for the SAP-certified open source database MaxDB 7.5/7.6 (see MaxDB).


  • Can access MaxDB server either using native network protocol directly or

through corresponding client library

  • Namespace MaxDB.Data and assembly MaxDB.Data.dll


Connection String

Connection String Format

Server=localhost;Database=Test;User ID=MyLogin;Password=MyPwd;

Connection String Parameters

Parameter Definition Description Example
Data Source or Server or Address or
Addr or Network Address
Hostname or IP Address of the MaxDB server Server=myhost
Initial Catalog or Database Name of MaxDB database Database=testdb
User ID or Login Name of MaxDB database user Login=MyLogin
Password or PWD Password of MaxDB database user Password=MyPass
Mode Internal or Oracle. MaxDB database mode. Default = Internal Mode=Oracle
Pooling True or False. Controls whether connection pooling is used. Default = True Pooling=True
Min Pool Size Min size of connection pool. Default: 1 Min Pool Size=1
Max Pool Size Max size of connection pool. Default: 20 Max Pool Size=20
Connection Lifetime or
Load Balance Timeout
Connection lifetime in the connection pool (in seconds). Default: 0

Connection Lifetime=20

The Server connection string parameter can be used in two different ways:

Server Definition Example
hostname Server=localhost
hostname:port Server=localhost:7210

C# Example

Source code

using System;
using System.Data;
using MaxDB.Data;
public class Test
  public static void Main(string[] args)
    string connectionString =
      "Server=localhost;" +
      "Database=test;" +
      "User ID=scott;" +
    IDbConnection dbcon = new MaxDBConnection(connectionString);
    IDbCommand dbcmd = dbcon.CreateCommand();
    // requires a table to be created named employee
    // with columns firstname and lastname
    // such as,
    //        CREATE TABLE employee (
    //           firstname varchar(32),
    //           lastname varchar(32));
    string sql =
      "SELECT firstname, lastname " +
      "FROM employee";
    dbcmd.CommandText = sql;
    dbcmd.Connection = dbcon;
    IDataReader reader = dbcmd.ExecuteReader();
    while (reader.Read())
      string FirstName = (string)reader["firstname"];
      string LastName = (string)reader["lastname"];
      Console.WriteLine("Name: " +
        FirstName + " " + LastName);
    // clean up
    reader = null;
    dbcmd = null;
    dbcon = null;

Building Example

Save the example to the file TestExample.cs and compile it

$ mcs TestExample.cs -r:System.Data.dll -r:MaxDB.Data.dll

Running the Example

$ mono TestExample.exe