Accessibility: Team Meetings 2009 Feb 09

<@brad>  alright folks, let's get started 07:04
<@sshaw>  time to party
< ray>  brad, yes, but those wiki pages are not _really_ correct , right?
for some controls
<@brad>  first off, I really want to thank everyone for putting extra effort in for this rlease
ray: they should be. if they're not, you need to let us know
< ray>  sshaw, oh, never mind, dude :)
<@brad>  so I'd like to start off by going around the room and having everyone update us on their status 07:05
namely, I'd like to know how many hours of work remain (estimated)
< ray>  brad, yeah, that's we will do, but i was wondering when you implement the code, what's your devs' reference? :)
<@brad>  and if they think anything needs to be addressed before we are feature complete
ray: I'll explain after the meeting 07:06
< ray>  brad, yes, sorry :D
<@brad>  let's start reverse alphabetically by nick
sandy: you're up
<@sandy>  so you can go last?
<@brad>  heh
sandy why do I always have to go first? :)
<@sandy>  so I've got about 6 hours of work left for my features, plus 8 hours to really finish all my unit tests 07:07
<@sshaw>  brad: because you are al capitano
<@sandy>  I ran into some irritating problems with MenuItem
it already has a couple of known issues for 1.0
<@brad>  are these issues in Mono Winforms?
<@sandy>  but it looks like I may either be spending time hacking around bounding rectangle issues, or adding another one to the list
brad: yes
the winforms api doesn't support much
and I didn't realize some flaws in what I get with internal stuff 07:08
in short
MS deprecated this API for a reason :-)
anyway, that's my status
should be done for tomorrow
(except maybe some unit tests, we'll see)
<@brad>  alright. of course, prioritize the feature work. we can always do unit tests tomorrow 07:09
<@sandy>  I do know how to fix this stuff for Mono 2.6
but there is no way jpobst will let changes in now
because he's not familiar with the code
<@brad>  that's totally understandable
alright, ngao ?
< ngao>  brad: yes 07:10
<@brad>  ngao: can you give your update for us?
< ngao>  brad: sure
brad: there's propertygrid left to implement and colordialog is missing unit test 07:11
brad: I'm figuring out how to get BaseColorControl provider
<@brad>  ngao: what's left to do on propertygrid? 07:12
< ngao>  brad: and about PropertyGrid, why it's inner control can't be added by itself
<@brad>  we may not be recieving events about it
anyway, how many hours do you think you have outstanding on that? 07:13
< ngao>  brad: actually, i'm not sure about propertygrid, but I think i could talk about colordialog with you guys after meeting and finish it 07:14
<@brad>  ngao: alright... maybe if you want to give propertygrid to me, I can finish it up
< ngao>  brad: oh, thank you, if it won't block your schedule? 07:15
<@brad>  ngao: oh, it's no problem
ngao: just send me the bug number
ngao: is that it? can we move on?
< ngao>  brad: alright 07:16
<@brad>  mgorse: your turn!
<@mgorse>  ok
NotifyIcon is the only feature I have left, and I need to expose the bounding rectangle for the icon
so I'm guessing about 3 hours, but I've been struggling to figure out how to do that, so it's hard for me to say 07:17
The rest are unit tests, which might be another 3-4 hours
Ie, I need to test that an accessible-value event is received when a ScrollBar's value is changed, but I vaguely remember trying to add a test for that the other day and the gail test failing, so I need to look into it again 07:18
I've generally been having trouble testing events
but that's all. I have PropertyGrid on the bridge, and I don't think it should require any more bridge work in theory, but we need a unit test
<@brad>  cool 07:19
alright, mario, you're up
<@mario>  hello
I'm missing tests for DataGridXXXProvider s
however, there's a ListView test that tests ListView when View.Details, 07:20
honestly I've been having problems writting the tests, segfaults and that kind of problems
<@sandy>  :-/
<@mario>  is driving me crazy, but I'm trying to find the issue.
I'm talking about bridge tests, btw
<@brad>  yeah, I've been having the same kind of issues
<@mario>  provider side is complete 07:21
so, I hope to finish writing all tests today.
<@brad>  I think next phase, we need to invest more time into making sure our tests are repeatable
mario: how many hours do you think you have left?
<@mario>  I guess 8hrs, more or less 07:22
<@brad>  mario: and am I right in saying that none of that work is actually feature work, just unit tests?
<@mario>  yes, all unit tests
bridge tests, actually
<@brad>  ok, cool 07:23
<@mario>  oh I forgot, I'm missing to fix 2 bugs
let's add 4 hours more
<@sandy>  I probably should have specified that besides the bounding rectangle bug, all my work is bridge-side
<@brad>  those can easily be put off till tomorrow though
<@mario>  two QA reported bugs
<@brad>  alright, knocte, I think you're alphabetically next
<@knocte>  I go 07:24
so, thanks to sandy's work on the provider for contextmenu*, the bridge unit tests have been starting to yield some failures, and I've fixed some of them, but I still have to fix 4:
a) GetExtents is failing to give positive coordinates
b) the test is deadlocking on app termination (maybe because I'm not yet handling the MenuClosed event)
c) the test affects other test in the suite if it's not run the last one
d) still don't know if it passes Atk.Selection tests
I guess I will need 4 hours for this 07:25
and later I'll do a test for ContextMenu, which maybe it's working out of the box by just wrapping it under the same bridge class as ContextMenuStrip
(I guess I need 1 or 2 hours more for this)
after that, if I have time, I'll refactor a bit more the menu stuff
<@brad>  ok, sounds good 07:26
<@knocte>  and with that, I would be feat complete
<@brad>  super.
as for me, I'll be taking on Neville's PropertyGrid work
but my last feature was ScrollableControl
which I finished on Friday
<@sandy>  (seems to have not broken anything) 07:27
<@brad>  for the most part, wherever it's used, it's worked out of the box on the Bridge
yeah, surprisingly enough
I've hit some odd cases though... UpDownBase subclasses ScrollableControl
but Mono doesn't seem to implement it properly
so I've got to file some bugs when I get a chance 07:28
and that's really it
I'll be sending out some policies about tomorrow
basically, only bug fixes, no new features, likely some form of code review required 07:29
and working with Sandy to split up some exploratory tasks when people get done with the bugs they assign tomorrow
anything else anyone wants to bring up?
ok, meeting adjourned 07:30
thanks guys for joining
<@sshaw>  brad: no thank you 07:31
<@knocte>  sandy: can you post the log? :) 07:33
<@sandy>  knocte: yeah
I noticed the other day that I missed a few...
but yeah, I'll post this 07:34
<@knocte>  cool thx