Accessibility: Team Meetings 2008 Oct 29

(No log for phone meeting, so this is short)

<@ray>  i'm sorry, but will the meeting be started soon, or it's over already? :) 08:58
<@brad>  I think its over :) 09:00
sorry to keep you ray, calen and neville
I know it's late
<@ray>  brad, never mind :)
brad, so i'm afraid i have to offline now, 'cause the coffee shop (where i am in) will be closed soon. :)
<@brad>  no problem, we'll talk to you later ray 09:01
have a nice one!
<@ray>  brad, thanks, see ya
bye all
<@calen>  ray, see you tomorrow 09:02
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< knocte>  hugh sorry guys, had to reboot, my screen wasn't working..
<@brad>  anyone still on berserk? I'm gonna restart it to get some bug fixes up 09:06
so does everyone want to quickly talk about what they're going to work on? 09:09
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<@brad>  folks in china, don't worry about it, we've already kept you guys too long
< knocte>  yeah, maybe we should start with them in case they're still here 09:10
calen? ray?
<@sandy>  ray left
< knocte>  ngao?
<@ngao>  knocte: i'm here
< knocte>  hey, so what's your plan 09:11
<@ngao>  knocte: i have ray's report
< knocte>  cool
<@ngao>  ok, ray first:
I was continuing to maintain our weekly builds which took some hours at every friday, 09:12
and everything is smooth.
regards to ubuntu 8.10 will be released in near future.
I would try to build deb packages when it is available on OBS
econd, I was starting to write orca tests compares to strongwind tests.
in order to QA or team lead to evaluate which one is much better, or it is valuable or not.
econd, I was starting to write orca tests compares to strongwind tests.
in order to QA or team lead to evaluate which one is much better, or it is valuable or not.
oops, sorry
and during the time, big thanks to Brian,
he helps to review and give advices, so that i can continue to go for the next,
till now, i have nearly finished checkbutton, radiobutton and start button control today, 09:13
and i will continue to work on orca until someone asks me to stop. :)
Last iteration, I worked on three providers, StatusBarPanel, UpDownBase and Panel. I added GridItem Pattern to StatusBarPanel and patched SWF to support TextChanged event. DomainUpDown and NumericUpDown have most same behaviors, so I use UpDownBase to support both of them. Panel in UISpy and ClientTest doesn't support any of patterns, I've added this lamespec on Wiki page. For FontDialog, it's children can be displayed in Accerciser already, after discuss
ed with Calen and followed Mario's commnets, I think we don't need to implement it.
Next iteration, I'd like to work on PictureBox and GroupBox 09:14
< knocte>  ok thanks, calen is here?
ok, let's move on 09:15
mario: just briefly, explain what you plan to work
<@mario>  half iteration for me, I plan to write client tests for missing controls and fix every new bug 09:16
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<@mario>  :-)
< knocte>  ok, remember about the priority policies :)
<@sandy>  stripstripstripstrip 09:17
and refactor our fragment/root/navigation stuff, as I mentioned in my report
<@brad>  lets remember, when on irc, please remain clothed
< knocte>  hah
ok, mgorse?
< calen-2>  knocte: sorry, i lost link 09:18
< knocte>  calen-2: don't worry, we'll get back to you now
mm, seems that mgorse lost link, k calen want to give your plan? 09:20
<@brad>  calen-2: go ahead, give your update
< calen-2>  knocte: okay, i would like to add some strongwind test for maybe ListView, ToolStrip
maybe TextBox or some others, i am not sure now, it depend on developers process.
<@brad>  thanks calen. sorry to keep you so long 09:21
< calen-2>  and i am trying to improve some winforms application examples.
brad: never mind , np :)
< knocte>  ok, brad you want to go now? 09:22
<@brad>  sure
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<@brad>  so I'll be working on ToolStripProgressBar, ToolStripComboBox and finishing up ToolTip
< knocte>  ok, I'll go now 09:23
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<@mgorse>  sorry; I was afk. Didn't realize that the meeting was still going on
< knocte>  mgorse: np, your turn after me
I'll work on P1/P2 bugs 429438 reopened -> 3h, 427247 -> 5h, 429425 -> 3h
also on Begin impl. of bridge classes to look ahead of needed patches(internal API), mainly combobox, richtextbox, some toolstrip*, maskedtextbox... 09:24
and some leftover from last iteration
mgorse: you go
<@mgorse>  Are we talking about last iteration? Or just this one?
<@brad>  since we hear about what you did last iteration every evening, why don't you just fill us in on what you plan to do 09:25
<@mgorse>  okay. I'm planning to investigate WebBrowser, StatusStrip, and some of the ToolStrip* items, panel, and group for any needed api changes
then continue to work on ListView 09:26
< knocte>  thanks
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<@knocte>  decriptor & bgmerrell, you wanna add something to what you already said on the call? 09:27
decriptor: ping 09:29
<@bgmerrell>  i don't :)
<@knocte>  bgmerrell: ping :)
<@decriptor>  I'm good
<@knocte>  fine, thanks guys, sorry for taking a so long it. meeting, it has been a mess 09:30
<@sandy>  knocte: should I bother logging this one? 09:31
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<@knocte>  not sure :)
<@sandy>  and if you want everything since it started?
I think most of the content was on the phone...
<@knocte>  yeah, well, if you can, just add the last half hour
<@sandy>  ok 09:32
will do
<@knocte>  thanks! 09:35