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A page to assist in getting new team members up to speed and to lay out procedures of how the team works.

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For some things it's interesting to be connected to Novell VPN (for instance, to access some build pages). So go ahead and install the package NetworkManager-novellvpn-gnome (which will pull others like NetworkManager-novellvpn, novell-nortelplugins and novell-ipsec-tools).

After that, you have to configure the VPN connection. Left-click on NM notification icon (systray) -> VPN Connections -> Configure VPN... -> Add -> Forward. Then you should see a combo box which contains the item "NovellVPN Client". If you don't see it, you have to restart the OS or NetworkManager for the new module that you just installed, to be loaded.

Then, after you select NovellVPN Client on the combo, click Forward again. You need to fill some fields (leave the ones not mentioned as is):

  • Connection Name: NovellVPN
  • Gateway: (or the corresponding to your area)
  • User Name: <your innerweb username>
  • Group Name: novell

After that, to connect: Left-click on NM notification icon (systray) -> VPN Connections -> NovellVPN. You will then be requested 2 passwords: the normal one is your innerweb's password, and the second is a global novell password, request it in the channel ;)

Team Members

You can see a list of hackergotchis here along with their corresponding roles on the team, and links to their blogs:

Calen Chen
a11y QA Hacker
Calen in Novell
Mario Carrion
a11y Technical Lead & Hacker
it's gotta be smooth
Mike Gorse
a11y Hacker
wanderings of an aimless vortex
Neville Gao
a11y Hacker
Neville's Blog
Ray Wang
a11y Build Hacker
Ray Wang's Blog
Stephen Shaw
a11y Build Hacker
Decriptor's Blog
FengXia Mu
a11y QA Hacker
FengXia Mu
Matt Guo
a11y Hacker
Matt Guo

Former Team Members

Andrés G. Aragoneses
a11y Prj Manager and Hacker
Brad Taylor
a11y Team Lead
the chronicles of me
Brian Merrell
a11y QA Hacker
Brian's lovable online gazette
Sandy Armstrong
a11y Hacker
5:55 AM

Getting Started

Things that each member needs to have set up


There's really not an official planet for accessibility right now, because:

  • David Bolter's one didn't have a proper top-level or 2nd level domain.
  • Recently new created hasn't collected all the bloggers from previous planet yet, and the admin roles have to be worked out.

In the meantime, we'll request to the LinuxFoundation the creation of as another useful redirection for the latter.

Team Meetings

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