Accessibility: Client

Table of contents

Getting Started With UIAutomationClient

As part of the second phase, the Mono Accessibility team is implementing full support for the UIAutomationClient API.

For Developers

You can read about the architecture at Accessibility:_Client_Implementation, if you are interested in how we are implementing this API.

You will need to install UIAutomation from uia2atk trunk.

TODO: Add content similar to Accessibility:_Moonlight and Accessibility:_Getting_Started_With_Development

Winforms Support

Install UiaDbusCoreBridge and DbusCoreUiaSource from uia2atk trunk.

Using UIA Verify

TODO: Overwrite our WindowsBase with the one from Olive, apply patch to UIA Verify code

GTK+ and other at-spi Support

TODO: Tips for installing at-spi-sharp and at-spi-dbus